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Cars | 22 June 2016

Renault Pro+: Renault X-Track and Master 4x4 to enhance LCV performance in tough conditions

In a move to provide more capability for LCV business customers Renault is launching enhanced technology to help drivers combat the toughest environments they encounter. When it comes to traction performance, the needs of business customers can vary significantly depending on the terrain, conditions, type of work and payload... To cover this broad spectrum of requirements, Renault is offering upgraded traction performance options for its LCV range.
by Renault Group

Renault X-Track, enhanced traction solutions

Compared with a standard transmission, X-Track 4x2 technology delivers superior mobility on difficult terrain, in snow and on poor quality roads.
X-Track 4x2 is an alternative to four-wheel drive when off-road capability is not required. It delivers exceptional performance on poor roads and in difficult conditions. The option is available on Kangoo, Trafic and Master.

Renault Master 4x4, designed for maximum comfort and safety

Master combines maximum comfort and safety with optimised grip for use in slippery conditions. Drivers of the Renault Master 4x4 can choose between two modes: 4x2 transmission for normal roads or a 4x4 mode for poor quality roads or off-road use.
In 4x4 mode, the Renault Master 4x4 can be driven on slopes, slippery ground, damp fields, muddy ground, poor roads, etc.
The conversion is available for the van and chassis cab versions of the Master Propulsion (single or twin cabin).

#Renault Pro+ introduces Renault X-Track and #Master 4x4 to enhance #LCV #performance in tough conditions. X -Track technology for the LCV range provides higher traction performance in particularly challenging conditions. This new, affordable feature is available across the #kangoo, #trafic and Master ranges. #passionforlife #technology #instacars #cars

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Solutions to simplify the lives of customers

“We are expanding our LCV range with the addition of new, enhanced traction solutions to meet the needs of our business customers. Having vehicles they can use on any type or road or terrain is a means for them to achieve excellence in their respective fields."

Arnaud Jaeger, Director, heavy vans Programme


Did you know?

Renault Pro+: a major player in the LCV market

A global player with extensive manufacturing facilities
Vehicles sold in 112 countries.
Renault’s chief non-European LCV markets are Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Morocco and Algeria.
Manufacturing facilities on three continents: Europe (France), Latin America (Argentina, Brazil) and Africa (Morocco).
Extensive manufacturing facilities in France with factories in Maubeuge (129,000 Kangoo made in 2015), Sandouville (93,000+C1 Trafic) and Batilly (126,000 Master).

A regional leader
Europe’s uncontested number one LCV brand for 18 years (since 1998).
• Number one in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Slovenia.
• Number two in Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia and Lithuania.
• Number three in Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Hungary.
Market leader in the Maghreb region since 2010.
A top-three brand in Latin America since 2008.

Renault Pro+: a global expert brand
Tailor-made products and services in all the Renault network:
• The Kangoo Express and the Kangoo Z.E. are available in a choice of 65 different versions, while 270 and 350 different versions of the Trafic and the Master respectively are available.
• A network of 400 approved conversion specialists in 29 countries to convert vehicles to meet customers’
precise needs.
And a specialised network of 700 Renault Pro+ businesses worldwide in 2016:
• Dedicated advisors.
• Simplified choice.
• Stay on the move.

Number one in the electric LCV market
Renault is the first volume manufacturer to propose a range of electric LCVs.
The Kangoo Z.E. is marketed in 45 countries and more than 20,000 Kangoo.
Renault’s electric LCV range includes the Twizy Cargo.

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