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Promoting diversity

Groupe Renault’s story is first and foremost about people.
Renault Group’s story is first and foremost about people. It is also about the desire to change mentalities within and outside the company, and to encourage open-mindedness. With this in mind, the group carries out actions to promote equal opportunity.
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As an employer, Renault Group is aiming to offer a workplace in which everyone feels included, respected and valued, exempt of all discrimination. Actions are deployed across the Group to reinforce these ambitions through our governance, recruitment and promotion processes, managerial training and initiatives driven by our employees. Béatrice Chavanel, VP Diversity and Inclusion

Beatrice Chavanel
Diversity and Inclusion Director

Discover the Diversity & Inclusion charter

Through its CSR approach, the company is committed to several fundamental social issues: gender equality, disability rights, intergenerational collaboration, freedom of sexual orientation, integration of international employees, etc.

Gender equality: ending clichés

Who says that men have to work in engineering and women in communications? And who says that gender equality is only a women’s issue? The automotive industry is changing, along with society and the professional landscape. A closer look at the group’s actions to move beyond stereotypes.


In April 2021, Renault Group created a Diversity and Inclusion division within Human Resources. The challenge: to work for diversity of profiles for more wealth and performance and to promote inclusion within the teams. The first priority set by the Diversity and Inclusion Directorate is that of gender with the ambition of becoming a reference employer for women. Within this framework, it deploys a strategy based on 4 pillars:

  • Ensure fair and respectful treatment of all,
  • Promote an inclusive work environment,
  • Facilitating the integration and development of women in business,
  • And finally increase the representation of women at all levels, in all trades and in all countries where the company is present.

In 2030, Renault Group targets 30% of women in management positions

Women@Renault initiatives around the world

Women@Renault initiatives around the world

In Portugal

Students of Université d’Aveiro were given the task to create a video on the theme of “promoting women in the automotive world” during International Women’s Rights Day.

In Slovenia

A museum of stereotypes has been created through five videos in the plant’s universe to deconstruct work stereotypes.

In Iran

Awareness-raising workshops on breast cancer detection and treatment were organized at the local headquarters in 2017, in collaboration with the breast cancer research center in Jahad-e Daneshgahi.

In India

In 2018, for women’s day, Groupe Renault has organised a little surprise in Mumbai. Each volunteer could come aboard a vehicle of the Renault range to live an original and unexpected experience!

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Renault Group supports UN Women France: a way to strengthen the involvement of all employees on gender equality and diversity issues. It is an opportunity to give everyone the opportunity to be actively involved to ensure fair and respectful treatment of all.

In line with the law related to gender equity published on 5th September 2018, Renault Group publishes its 2018 gender equity index enabling to measure potential salary gaps between men and women (index valid in France).

Please find hereafter the gender equity index results for 2023 related to 2022:

- Renault sas: 94 points
- Renault Electricity: 88 points
- Société de Véhicules Automobiles de Batilly: 94 points

Working for better disability inclusion

In 1995, Renault Group was one of the first companies to sign an agreement for the professional integration of people with disabilities in France. Since then, we have continued to develop our initiatives: adapting work spaces, teleworking, employee awareness-raising, etc. Our current objective is to internationalize this approach to include all the countries in which we operate. In this way, we will help each person find their place and flourish within the company.
an international “Mobilize Diversity” community has encouraged employees to interact, particularly around disability issues

Sharing via Diversity community

It’s a tool for disseminating news on disability, sharing best practices and raising awareness; a platform for genuine dialogue between employees! And since the start of 2018, an international community has encouraged employees to interact, particularly around disability issues.

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the Renault Tech Business Unit, specialized in the transformation of vehicles

Did you know?

In 2009, the group created the Renault Tech Business Unit, specialized in the transformation of vehicles. This entity is notably in charge of designing, producing and selling vehicles for the transport of people with reduced mobility (TPRM).

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Sexual orientation: working together to fight discrimination

The issue of sexual orientation and gender identity remains a taboo subject in some companies or even in some countries. Much remains to be done to ensure that everyone finds their place and has the means to develop. Convinced of the importance of recognizing that the uniqueness of each individual is a source of wealth regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, Renault Group creates the conditions that allow each employee to be herself/himself.


Changing mentalities, freeing the word, can only be done through action! Signature of the United Nations "Free and Equal" charter, commitment to the French charter from "Autre Cercle”, creation of the internal network We'R OutStandInG in 2012, training on inclusive management, serious game on "living diversity together", participation in the Paris 2018 Gay Games,… the Group uses its influence to act positively and create a culture of diversity within the company

Half a million individuals interact within the physical and virtual workplace of Renault Group, our Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi and the day-to-day work with all our partners worldwide. We know we still have a long way to go before inclusion is reality for all without exception. But we are fully committed to this goal and we are constantly progressing towards it as we have no doubt that diversity makes us stronger.

François Roger
Francois Roger, EVP, Human Resources, Group Prevention and Protection and Real Estate & Facility Management, Renault Group
La richesse du Groupe Renault : la diversité culturelle

The richness of cultural diversity

Renault Group currently operates in 134 countries. This extensive presence necessarily implies a rich multiculturalism. We are convinced that diversity is a fundamental lever of performance. Therefore, promoting cultural diversity is a driving force of our HR and CSR policies. We aim to ensure that each person is appreciated in an environment of trust, regardless of their culture or origin, and can express their full potential to the benefit of collective performance.

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