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usine de choisy-le-roi
The factory at Choisy-le-Roi is the sole Renault factory with expertise in the reconditioning of mechanical components. It has a dedicated engineering unit and is recognised for the skills of its disassembly and assembly workshops. Choisy supplies the Parts and Accessories Division with five major products in the standard Renault exchange range: engines, mechanical gearboxes, turbos, injection pumps and cylinder head kits.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1949
  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: Société Anonyme (limited company) fully owned by Renault SAS (France)

  • ACTIVITY: Powertrains

  • WORKFORCE: 253 at December 31, 2020

  • AREA: 10 ha, o/w 4.5 ha of covered buildings


Reconditioned products: engines, gearboxes, turbo compressors, cylinder heads, injection pumps…
  • Standard Exchange Gearboxes: 9,296 units
  • Standard Exchange Engines: 12,545 units
environnement choisy


The Choisy-le-roi plant, a major player in the circular economy, is certified ISO 14001. Through the implementation of its environmental policy, the plant is also contributing daily to the reduction of its carbon footprint and the health impacts of its activities.

Environmental policy (French only)


The quality promised to our customers is a priority and a requirement at all times that mobilizes all of our employees. The same quality requirement is given to the reconditioned organs: "as good as new" !

Quality policy (French only)


The plant is preparing for the transfer of its activity as part of the Re-factory project.

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Our history
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  • 1949: Renault buys the plant : setting up of the standard exchange engine reconditioning activity.
  • 1950: first spring workshops come on stream.
  • 1951: participation in the SNCF railcar reconstruction program and the construction of the pneumatic-tyred metro, resulting in the transfer of the rolling stock manufacturing unit to the plant. 
  • 1959: increasing focus on the automotive sector and specialisation in the tube fabrication and the manufacture of large volumes of wire and strip steel parts.
  • 1962: disposal of the Renault Rolling Stock division businesses.
  • 1980: start-up of complete subsystem assembly (external gear shifts).
  • 2002: development of the plan to transfer the reconditioning of ‘standard exchange’ gearboxes from the Cacia plant (Portugal) to Choisy-le-Roi. Start-up of an assembly line for new engines for the Indian automaker Mahindra.
  • 2003: creation of PEROM (Pôle Européen de Rénovation des Organes Mécaniques). Start-up of the product line for the renovation of JB mechanical gearboxes.
  • 2004: installation and start-up of a recycling workshop (body work and powertrains) by Renault’s recycling subsidiary.
  • 2010: extension of the range with the renovation of nozzle holders and start of the ACCESS project to promote direct parts recovery.
  • 2011: brand extension with delivery of the bottom-engine and start of the material recovery to the Group foundry.
  • 2012: start-up of renovation of turbo-compressors.
  • 2013: assembly of  the first H4JT engines for Douai and Palencia.
  • 2014: on 3 July the plant receives the Circular Economy Trophy from the President of the Circular Economy Institute.
  • 2016: start-up of steering column renovation.
  • 2017/2018: renovation of the FAP (Particle filter) and delivery of the mechanical components network.
  • 2019: Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the plant / Junction Box project allocation
  • 2020: Allocation of the E-Motor project

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