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Moscow Plant (Renault)


Opened in 2005, the Renault Moscow plant in Russia is dedicated to the production of vehicles of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. In full expansion, the site currently manufactures 4 vehicle models for the Renault and Nissan brands. It also includes a logistics platform.
  • FOUNDED IN: 2005

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: Closed joint stock company, wholly owned by Renault

  • ACTIVITY: Bodywork-assembly, logistic platform

  • WORKFORCE (PRODUCTION AND OFFICE STAFF): 1,850 at 31 December 2020

  • AREA: 56 ha - Production surface : 17,8 ha



Main products

Duster 2, Kaptur, Arkana, Nissan Terrano
Production 2020:
  • Kaptur: 18,955 units
  • Duster 1: 34,180 units
  • Nouveau Duster: 141 units
  • Arkana: 12,320 units
  • Nissan Terrano: 10,239 units
moscou environnment


The Moscow Renault plant recognizes its responsibility for the protection of the environment. It meets the most modern environmental standards, the requirements of the Renault group and continuously improvеs its environmental management methods.

Environmental policy


The ambition of the Moscow plant is to be the best in product quality and manufacturing processes in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in Russia. This ambition is consistent with the plant's ability to satisfy its customers in a changing technological and regulatory environment.

Quality policy (In French only)



The new Renault Duster has won the “SUV of the Year-2021” award in the “Compact Crossover” category according to the Grand Jury – a direct popular vote of over 12,000 motorists from across Russia. Renault Duster has outstripped 29 competitors represented in the "Compact crossover" category which is considered to be the most popular all-wheel drive cars class in Russia.

Our history
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  • 1998: creation of Avtoframos, a Russian company under the Russian law and equally owned by Renault and the city of Moscow, produces and sells Renault vehicles in Russia.
  • 2003: announcement of a EUR 230 million investment for the production and sales of Logan.
  • 2004: construction of the Avtoframos plant and preparation of the launch of Logan.
  • 2005: inauguration of the Avtoframos plant. Sales launch of Logan.
  • 2008: manufacturing of 200,000th Logan.
  • 2010: in March, Renault boosted annual production capacity of the plant to 160,000 units. Production of Renault Sandero and launch of Sandero Stepway.
  • 2011: in December, the plant started the production of Renault Duster.
  • 2012: in February, 500 000 cars are fabricated at the plant since its launch. In September, JSC “Avtoframos” now belongs to Renault on 100%.
  • 2014: in May plant starts to produce Megane NBI and Nissan Terrano.
  • 2015: the Moscow Renault plant celebrated its 10th anniversary.
  • 2016: in June, the new crossover Renault Kaptur was launched.
  • 2017: in April 2017, Renault Kaptur won the first prize of the All-Russia Za Rulem Grand Prix in the “Contribution to Russia” category.
  • 2019: Renault Arkana launch.
  • 2020: Launch of the new Renault Kaptur and 15th anniversary of the plant.
  • 2021: Launch of the new Renault Duster.

Contact us

Renault Russia plant (Moscow)
Volgogradskiy Prospect, 42, housing 36
109316 Moscow

+ 7 495 775 40 00