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Valladolid Motores plant (Horse)

The Valladolid Motores plant (Horse) is dedicated to the manufacture of petrol and diesel engines and various mechanical parts. It produces 27% of all engines for Renault Group and exports almost 70% of its output to five continents, including to Renault Group partners (Nissan and Mercedes in particular).
  • FOUNDED IN: 1965

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: Société Anonyme (limited company) fully owned by Renault España SA

  • ACTIVITYPowertrains, foundry

  • WORKFORCE: 1,903  at December 31, 2022

  • AREA: 288 000 m² of total area

  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HPR, EFQM and SMR labels


Main products

  • Engines: K915, HR10, HR12, HR13
  • Aluminium foundry
  • Engines: 902,508 units
  • Aluminium foundry: 10,070 tons


Certified ISO14001, the Motores plant incorporates an optimal environmental management in all its processes to ensure a sustainable activity.

Environmental policy (In local language only)


Certified ISO 9001, the Motores plant meets the strictest quality standards of the mechanical industry.

Quality policy (In local language only)


Since 1 July 2023, the Valladolid Motores plant is part of the new Horse entity, which specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced combustion and hybrid engines.

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34 million engines produced at Valladolid Motores

On 20th January 2023, the Valladolid Motores plant produced 34 million engines. This is a HR12 hybrid engine for the Palencia plant, where it has been fitted to a Renault Austral.

Our history
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  • 1951: creation of the Fabrications Automobiles SA company (FASA).
  • 1964: creation of the powertrain plant, under the name FAMESA (Fabrication Mécanique SA).
  • 1998: start up for the K4 (16 valves) engine production.
  • 2001: start up for the 1.5 dCi engine production.
  • 2004: new engine production record: 1,071,018 units.
  • 2005: manufacturing approval for the K9K Euro 4 step 2 engine.
  • 2009: launch of H4J (TCe 130) engine. 6 millions of K9 engine produced.
  • 2011: 20 millions engine produced. Manufacturing approval for the K9 Gen6 (Energy dCi 110).
  • 2012: launch of Energy K9 dCi 90, TCe 115 engine and K9K 450 production for Daimler
  • 2015: Valladolid Motores celebrates its 50th anniversary and its 25th engines.
  • 2017: launch of new generations of diesel (K9g8) and petrol (HR12, co-developed with Daimler) engines.
  • 2018: new High-Pressure Aluminium Injection unit for Cylinder Blocks. Launch of new HR10 (1.0 TCe) and HR13 (1.3 TCe) petrol engines.
  • 2020: new versions of Euro6D Full standard engines.
  • 2021: Motores becomes the exclusive factory for K9 engines.
  • 2022: production launch of HR12 hybrid engines: E-Tech Full Hybrid 200 (146Kw).
  • 2023: on 1 July, the Valladolid Motores plant becomes part of the Horse entity.

Contact us

Renault Valladolid Motores
Avenida de Madrid nº19
47008 Valladolid

+ 34 983 41 60 00