Groupe Renault

The Renault Foundation and the art collection

Among the Foundation's missions: the support and promotion of contemporary art.
Among the Foundation's missions: the support and promotion of contemporary art. The Groupe Renault's collection, built up between 1967 and 1985, now includes some 300 works by some thirty artists. Visionary artists such as Dubuffet, Doisneau, Arman or Vasarely, among others, who - at the end of the 1960s - renewed the place of art in a modernized society. Our ambition with the Foundation is to offer access to these works to an ever wider public. Through temporary exhibitions, on our sites or elsewhere, and by making them available to museums.

A bridge between art and industry

In putting together its art collection, from 1967 to 1985, Renault would take a highly original approach, differing from the classic arts patronage norm of simply buying finished works. It is based on a collaboration between pioneering artists and Renault. By providing the artists with technical, logistical and human support, Renault’s aim was to bring together two distant worlds: art and industry.

The adventure began with Arman, who developed his art from objects from contemporary life, and enthusiastically accepted to come and work at the Renault factory. At the heart of the technique, he discovered new forms and original materials.


A large-scale creative workshop then paved the way for other collaborations that were as fruitful as they were unexpected: supplying automobile parts for César's expansions, the expertise of Renault engineers to answer the technical questions of a Vasarely or a Dubuffet, supplying Rauschenberg or Tinguely who ironically commented on the debris of industrial society.

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