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How we recruit?

A simple, transparent process for hiring new talent
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Apply for the right opening

First step: apply for the opening that’s right for you, the one that meets your geographic requirements and your available dates. This initial selection is important for optimising your job search. Already found the one that makes you happy? Apply online!

Find the openings you want

We receive your application

“Maybe they didn’t get my application...” It’d be sad to miss out on a great opportunity because of an unreliable wifi connection. To put your mind at ease, we send you an acknowledgement of receipt by email.

We study your application

Our recruiters look over your application. Next, there are two possibilities:


  • We contact you for an interview.
  • You receive an email informing you that your application has not been successful this time.

Our tips for making yourself stand out

We meet you

If your application is selected, you’ll be invited to come for an interview with one of our recruiters. Your goal: to show what you can do for the company, and what the company can do for you in return.

Whatever the result of the interview, our recruiter contacts you quickly, either to make you an offer or to tell you why you haven’t been selected. It’s feedback that’s never easy to hear, but it’s helpful for future interviews.

Key points for making your interview a success

Welcome aboard!

If you’ve come this far, that means you’ve been hired by Groupe Renault.

To help you get familiarised with the company and establish your network, we offer an onboarding programme. An immersion in your new work environment to launch your career as successfully as possible.

General applications: good idea or waste of time?

We give priority attention to applications in reply to our published vacancies.