Renault Group

Episode 3:

And Rédélé created… Alpine

In 1955, following his victory in the “Mille Miglia” with the Rédélé Spéciale, Jean Rédélé decided to create his car brand.

I had the most fun when I was winding through the Alps in my Renault 4CV. Consequently, I decided to call my future cars “Alpine”. It had to be possible for my clients to discover this driving pleasure, at the wheel of the car I wanted to build.

Jean Rédélé

It was therefore named Alpine and would be sold through dealerships on both Rue Forest in Paris and Avenue Pasteur in Dieppe.

A brand built on four pillars:

  • Innovative design
  • A perfectly tuned engine
  • Light and attractive bodywork
  • As many mass-production parts as possible (for cost price and affordable maintenance)

And to boost his activity, Jean Rédélé even granted international licences.


The key dates


25th June 1955

Creation of the SARL [Limited Liability Company] “Société des automobiles Alpine”.

July 1955

Jean Rédélé personally unveiled three A106 coaches, each representing a colour from the French flag.

Did you know?
While the “A” in “A106” naturally referred to Alpine, the “106” was a more technical nod to the 1062 engine of the 4CVs that he used as the parts bank.

6th October 1955

Official launch of the Alpine brand and its cars during the 42nd Paris Motor Show.

Beginning of 1957

Jean Rédélé orders a cabriolet with clean and simple lines from Giovanni Michelatti. This style would definitively mark the Alpine brand.
After 251 cars had been produced, the coach and coupé naturally gave way to the cabriolet and berlinette.
Little by little the legend was built… The A110 designed from Renault 8 parts took over from the A108.
The A110 was a true commercial success, and its production increased constantly.

The cinema story

At the end of the 1960s, Henri Grandsire, the French Formula 3 champion in an Alpine, embodied the famous cartoon hero Michel Vaillant in a thirteen-episode TV series, in which he drove an Alpine-Vaillante.

Green light for the A110

Engine developments
1 108 cm3 —> 1 255 cm3 —> 1 565 cm3 —> 1 605 cm3
The aesthetic and functional developments
Four-light grill // wider wings // front radiator // door closers // removable rear skirt

From 1962 to 1977, 7500 A110s were produced.
This iconic modal shined in every arena: rally, racing, rallycross, hill climbs and even ice racing.