Renault Group

Episode 1 :

Renault and Alpine, a story family

The Alpine creation began with and story family and ties between Rédélé's and the Renault brand.

Madeleine Prieur
Jean Rédélé's mother
Jean Rédélé
Madeleine Prieur's son

Who is Jean Rédéle, the founding pioneer?

After his studies in Normandy, Jean Rédélé passed his baccalaureate during the Second World War and met people as different as Antoine Blondin, Gérard Philipe and Edmond de Rothschild.

He intended to be a sub-prefect before changing his orientation and entering HEC in Paris. He acquired a double competence in economics and business and graduated in October 1946, not without having sent an internship report to the General Management of Renault.

Jean Rédélé asserts some innovative points of view on the commercial strategy of the first national manufacturer with enough conviction that he is summoned to Boulogne-Billancourt by Pierre Dreyfus, the CEO of Renault.

To help them put their ideas into action, he is appointed official dealer in Dieppe in succession to his father. Jean Rédélé was twenty-four years old and was the youngest car dealer in France.

In 1950 he embarked on a career as a racing driver.

And it was Jean Rédélé's entry into motor racing that shaped the future face of the Alpine brand.
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Racing is the best test bed for production models and winning is the best selling point.