Missions of the Board of directors

The Renault Board collectively represents all shareholders and reports on this mission to the Annual General Meeting.

Renault's Board of Directors adopted a Board Charter and specialized committees in 1996. This Board Charter, amended on February 17, 2022, provides the rules regarding the operation of the Board of Directors and its specialized committees, as well as the ethics rules applicable to the directors.


The Board’s main tasks are:

- convenes general meetings of the shareholders of the Company;
- examines and approves the corporate and consolidated financial statements, reports on its activity in the annual report and approves the statutory and regulatory reports;
- examines the Group’s annual budget and medium-term plan;
- discusses each year the strategic orientations of the Company and the Alliance;
- promotes long-term value creation by the Company and the Group, taking into account ethics and social and environmental responsibility issues;
- determines the powers of the Chief Executive Officer and, as the case may be, in agreement with the Chief Executive Officer, those of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer(s);
- determines the composition and the duties assigned to the Committees created in accordance with applicable law and provisions of the articles of association and the Board Charter;
- determines, on the proposal of the Governance and Compensation Committee, the compensation policy for directors in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory provisions, as well as the provisions of the Board Charter;
- decides to grant stock options and/or performance shares to eligible Group employees and corporate officers in accordance with the authorizations granted to the Board by the general meeting of the shareholders;
- presents to the general meeting of the shareholders a report on corporate governance;
- monitors the implementation of the system for preventing and detecting bribery and influence peddling;
- monitors the implementation of a non-discrimination and diversity policy applied within the Group and define the objectives in terms of gender balance within the governing bodies;
defines the Company’s financial communication policy;
- authorizes related-party agreements and undertakings governed by Articles L. 225-38 et seq. of the French Code de commerce and implements the procedure provided for in Article L.22-10-12 of - the French Code de commerce aiming at regularly assessing the agreements entered into in the ordinary course of business and at arm’s length terms.


Board of Directors’ releases

1. Governance


2. Related-party agreements


3. Corporate officers' compensation


4. Directors' compensation

The Annual General Meeting may allocate a compensation for a directors, the amount of which remains fixed until otherwise decided.