One goal: helping to make financial information clearer.


In 1996, Renault set up the Shareholders' Consultative Committee. The Committee is now composed of 10 members, appointed for three years, with half of the members replaced every three years.

The Committee meets four times a year to advise the Company on all aspects of communication to individual shareholders including shares, groups’ results and strategy.

The members of the consultative committee are Mr. Gilles Billion (whose term expires at the end of 2020) , Mr. Loïc Duval,Mr. Jean-Luc Fourny, Mrs Françoise Cordier, Mrs Anne Jourdain, Mr. Bernard Soret. Mrs Micheline Kaufmann, Mrs Mireille Lucas et Mr. Jean-Pierre Delobel.


The Committee offers shareholders an opportunity to show their long-term commitment to the Group.
The members of the Shareholders’ Consultative Committee have several missions, including "giving advice on the different communication media while taking shareholder diversity into account; increasing shareholder loyalty by providing the right tools to better understand the company; listening carefully to shareholders and informing the management team of their interests, expectations and concerns."
The Committee has been consulted on and has helped to improve all Renault's financial communication resources - a source of great satisfaction to its members.