What are registered shares?

Renault shares are generally “bearer” shares but can also be “registered”, with shareholders known by name to the Renault group. This less frequent type of shareholding exists in two forms:

  • Pure registered: the issuing company directly owns and manages the shares. The Renault group has appointed BNP Paribas Securities Services to manage pure registered shareholders.
  • Administered registered: the shares are registered with the issuing company and the financial establishment chosen by the shareholders manages them.

The advantages of pure registered 

  • No custodianship fees
  • A dedicated number for all your contact with BNP Paribas Securities Services: +33 1 40 14 11 16.
  • Increased facilities for placing market orders* (telephone, post, fax, Internet)
  • Brokerage fees: rates of 0.30% (excl. tax) of the gross amount of the trade, with a minimum of €6.10, bank commission of €7.620 (excl. tax), and a cap of €1,000 per transaction   
  • You are sent a personal invitation to Renault general meetings
  • Shareholders can check their assets on the Internet via the Planetshares website (former GISnomi): https://planetshares.bnpparibas.com

* Providing you have taken out the market services contract. Sign-up is free of charge.

How to change your shares to registered shares? 

BNP Paribas Securities Services is our duly appointed manager for registered shares. To change your shares to registered shares, simply full out the form and give it to your financial intermediary.

On reception of your shares, BNP Paribas Securities Services will send you a certificate confirming registration of your shares and ask you to provide:

  • your bank account details (or post office bank account or savings account details) for the payment of your dividends;
  • a contract of market services.