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2016, a record year for Dacia

07 March 2017
Though Dacia’s resounding international success is hardly news, the brand continues to gain ground across all the regions where Dacias are sold.
by Renault Group

A record year

Across its markets in 44 countries worldwide, Dacia sold 584,219 units in 2016, an increase of 6 % on 2015. Sales were up in all regions, and Dacia set new market-share or sales-volume records in 28 countries. Dacia today is a key player on the world automotive market, with sales of 4 million vehicles in twelve years. The explanation for this outstanding performance is quite simple: Dacia offers a highly attractive product range with the best price/performance ratio.

Record-breaking sales in Europe

2017-Dacia Duster

Dacia sales in Europe rose by 10.8%, to reach a record 415,010 units. Sandero took fourth place for B-segment sales to private motorists, with Duster ranking second for C-segment sales to private motorists and first for SUVs in this segment.

  • Dacia broke records in France too, with best-ever yearly passenger car sales of 110,529 units. Sandero sales rose by 24.2%, putting this model in second place for sales to private motorists. Overall, Dacia ranked fourth for sales to private motorists, with overall sales of 112,111, up by 12.1% on 2015.
  • Dacia’s record-breaking performance goes further afield than France alone. In the rest of Europe, sales rose by 10.4% to reach 302,899 units. Sales in Italy reached a new high of 52,272 units, up by 11.6% on 2015. In Poland, Dacia sales rose by a massive 29.3 %, making 2016 Dacia’s best year here. And despite sluggish market conditions and a turn toward fleet sales in the UK, Dacia achieved good performance with sales of 26,562, up by 1.1 %.

Eurasia and North Africa

  • In the Eurasia countries its covers, Dacia hiked its market share up by 0.2 points to 7.9 %, with sales of 90,926 units, up by 5.8%. It kept its number-one position in Romania and Bulgaria, with a market share of 29.6%, for 38,861 units sold, in Romania. Dacia set new volume and market-share records in Turkey too, with sales up by 6.3% at 47,529 units for a market share of 4.8%.
  • In North Africa, Dacia’s 2016 market share stood at 19.4%, with sales of 66,165 units, up by 1.1%. Dacia leads the field in Morocco, with 26.6% of the market: 43,408 units sold, up by 16.1% on 2015. In Israel, where Dacia opened its first showroom just two years ago, its market share is already 1.5%, with sales of 4,246 units, up by 65%.

All in all, 2016 has been a terrific year for Dacia, with record-breaking sales performance all round and market share on the rise. Prospects look bright indeed for Dacia in 2017.

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