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2019 Geneva international motor show: Groupe Renault’s hybrid E-TECH technology unveiled on the all-New Clio

05 March 2019
The hybrid E-TECH engine is one of the key innovations in the All-new Clio. Presented at the Geneva International Motor Show and available from 2020, it combines dynamic driving with energy management like never before. The hybrid E-TECH engine was developed in-house at Renault using innovative multi-patent technology. Groupe Renault’s extensive expertise in electric vehicles and hybrid engines, already common in Formula 1, went into the design, putting Renault’s hybrid E-TECH engine miles ahead of competing hybrid city cars.
by Emmanuel GENTY

The word “E-TECH” took pride of place on the Renault stand at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. These five little letters make up the name of the brand-new hybrid engine that will power the All-new Clio, just unveiled at the motor show, from 2020.

The future Clio E-TECH hybrid will offer drivers the very best of Renault’s expertise, including product expertise in the global best-selling Clio model, expertise in electric engines gained from the brand’s number one position in the European electric mobility market and technical expertise as seen in the exclusive, innovative technology on show, inspired by the eponymous engine developed by Renault F1 Team engineers.

It goes without saying that drivers and passengers will enjoy a unique experience in terms of comfort and peace of mind, while the new engine guarantees a dynamic and enjoyable driving experience. The cherry on the top is significant fuel savings. Read on to learn the secrets of the E-TECH engine.


Based on the 2014 Eolab concept engine, Renault E-TECH “full hybrid” technology was developed in-house and is protected by approx. 150 patents. The design is focused on a smart multimode DHT (Dedicated Hybrid Transmission) gearbox that can handle several engines at the same time. In this case, the gearbox is used to control one petrol engine and two electric engines that power the wheels either simultaneously or independently.


All of the expertise Renault has acquired from developing electric vehicles has gone into the sophisticated management of these three sources of traction and energy recovery. The All-new Clio E-TECH will offer a unique hybrid experience: automatic start-up in electric mode, highly responsive acceleration and a regenerative braking similar to that of an electric vehicle.

The result is that up to 80% of urban driving is done in electric mode, with up to 40% fuel savings compared with an internal combustion engine vehicle on an urban driving cycle. In addition, there is even more versatility for main road and motorway driving and unrivalled driving pleasure from a hybrid city car.


The modular design of the hybrid Renault E-TECH engine means that it comes in two versions, the “full hybrid” version described above and used on the All-new Clio, and a “rechargeable full hybrid” version, called the “E-TECH plug-in”. The latter will be available from 2020 for the Renault range on the Captur and Mégane models.

The Captur will be the first in its category (segment B, urban SUV) to feature a plug-in hybrid engine. This means it can be driven in 100% electric mode for several tens of kilometers!

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