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2019 Geneva International Motor Show: The new TCe 100 engine underlines the versatility of the All-new Clio

05 March 2019
The All-new Clio is the top attraction at the Renault Group’s stand at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. Its many new features include the brand-new TCe 100 engine, the fruit of synergies within the Alliance. The engine has more power but consumes less fuel and comes with a manual, X-TRONIC and even a hybrid petrol/LPG gearbox option. The 1.0 TCe engine is the essence of the Clio’s versatility.
by Thomas AUDEBERT

Take a guess: Which 1.0L engine in the Renault range has 3 cylinders, a turbo engine, is the smaller version of the 1.3 TCe and has a Euro 6d-Temp rating? It’s the new TCe 100, introduced on the All-new Clio, of course!

Like the 1.3 TCe, part of the range since 2018, the TCe 100 is the fruit of the work and synergies within the Alliance. The TCe 100 features much of the technology used in the previous version, including a turbocharger with an electrically-operated discharge valve, an exhaust manifold partially integrated into the cylinder head, twin variable valve timing control and a special steel coating on the cylinders (bore spray coating).

The new-generation engine is 10hp (100hp against 90) and 20N.m greater (160N.m against 140) than the TCe 90 it replaces, and also reduces both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. With emissions from as low as 100g/km, the petrol version of All-new Clio TCe 100 is at the forefront of its category. The engine provides optimum driving pleasure thanks to increased torque that kicks in at low engine speeds for exhilarating acceleration.

In short, the TCe 100 is more powerful and a more economical engine, a winning formula for every customer.

Two gearboxes and an LPG version

There’s a Clio for everyone. Many options are available to ensure customers find the most suitable engine for their lifestyle. Available in 3 different versions, the TCe 100 speaks to the Clio’s versatility.

The first version comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox, making it suitable for every journey, be it on urban or main routes. If you love driving, you can also choose the latest-generation automatic X-TRONIC gearbox. The X-TRONIC is adapted to European driving conditions and offers maximum urban driving flexibility. It also features D-STEP technology that mimics a multi-speed gearbox on journeys with varying road conditions and when for hard acceleration.

Renault TCe 100 engine with 5-speed manual gearbox:


Renault TCe 100 engine with X-TRONIC gearbox:


The TCe 100 will also be available in a dual-fuel petrol/LPG version for maximum fuel economy and low emissions. Featuring twin tanks, this version of the All-new Clio allows for an extended driving range.

The TCe 100 is already used by the Alliance in the Nissan Micra and will be rolled out on other vehicles in the Renault range in the coming months.

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