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A trio of robot-vehicles signal the mobility of the future

10 January 2019
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Tomorrow's mobility will be electric, connected, autonomous and shared. The three robot-vehicle concepts unveiled by Renault reveal what shared mobility will be like in the not-too-distant future.
by Renault Group

What if tomorrow the electric car became something more than just a vehicle? In 2018, Renault unveiled three concepts that encapsulate the Group’s vision of shared mobility of the future. Called EZ-GO, EZ-PRO and EZ-ULTIMO, they are animated robotic vehicles without a driving seat and capable of moving independently and safely.

All have been developed around a common technological platform, then adapted to meet three specific types of use. Together, they represent a vehicle designed as a veritable mobility service, shared, connected and accessible to as many people as possible.

EZ-GO: the shared shuttle

The first incarnation of this vision was the EZ-GO, unveiled last March at the Geneva Motor Show. Renault designed a « shared taxi » vehicle, designed to comfortably accommodate up to six passengers on their daily journeys. The traditional cabin and driver’s compartment give way to a U-shaped bench seat that can be accessed without having to contort through the large front door. EZ-GO is not a personal car: it’s a shuttle you call through a mobile application for short trips in the city. Its four-wheel steering, low height and induction charging allow it to blend discreetly into the urban landscape.

EZ-PRO: the utility convoy

The EZ-PRO concept, presented at the beginning of September at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover, addresses the complex problem of « laste mile » logistics. This time, the vehicle is no longer necessarily unique: it takes the form of a convoy of modules capable of moving alone to deliver goods or offer a mobile point of sale. The volume dedicated to loading is fully scalable to meet various needs. But humans still retain a place in this autonomous utility fleet: the « pod » that leads the procession has an office space from which a janitor can supervise the operations and ensure customer relations.

EZ-ULTIMO: a premium robot-vehicle

The last component of the trilogy is called EZ-ULTIMO. Revealed on October 2 at the opening of the Paris Motor Show, this futuristic concept car lays the foundations for a new « first class » mobility, focused on comfort and pleasure. With a refined atmosphere, prestigious materials and immersive services: everything is done to ensure that passengers enjoy the journey and the environment around them, while remaining protected from external nuisances. From tourism to the world of luxury, the EZ-ULTIMO is for all those who want to make transport a top-of-the-range experience.


Copyrights : Anthony BERNIER, Olivier MARTIN-GAMBIER, Takuji SHIMMURA

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