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A unique way to better discover the comfort and relaxation of electric driving

18 September 2018
Renault ZOE 2017 in static situation - Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
We know how much driving can, in certain situations, be a source of stress: traffic congestion, noise, etc. To overcome these problems and guarantee the absolute best driving pleasure, Renault strives to innovate every day. Today, in order to make life easier for its customers, Renault is launching an ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) x Z.E. (Zero Emission) feature. This technique aims to foster relaxation and allow Renault customers to combine comfort and peace. What is the origin of ASMR? How does it work? Where did this partnership come from? You can find the answers to all your questions here.
by Marion Trumier

how did this partnership come about?

Lots of people don’t know how smooth and relaxing the experience of driving a ZOE actually is. It’s for this reason that we have turned to YouTube ‘brain massage’ trend, ASMR, in our latest campaign to give online audiences the variety of sensations of driving an electric vehicle.
The choice to collaborate with ASMR Zeitgeist came easily, as we wanted to work with an ASMR expert to make the campaign authentic. We were particularly drawn to ASMR Zeitgeist because of his inventive work on sound and experimentation with objects. With over 600k YouTube followers, ASMR Zeitgeist, is an influential force within the ASMR community.

What is the link between electric vehicles and ASMR?

Not a lot of people know that driving an electric vehicle is a completely different feeling to driving a traditional vehicle. We thought about how we could give audiences the smoothness and relaxation feeling that you get when driving a Renault ZOE through a mobile or computer screen… ASMR was the perfect way to do this!

In concrete terms, what does the ASMR experience bring to the driver?

The ASMR experience gives audiences the variety of sensations of driving an electric vehicle. Drivers can discover or even re-discover ZOE’s features: driving mode, electric plug, leather seating and more, through their sounds.

Why can the silence of the electric vehicle be a source of relaxation?

Renault ZOE, whose proposal is both "zero noise" and "zero emission", gives the driver a feeling of relaxation. It also allows us to be aware of the nature around us.

To find out more about this relaxation technique that is ASMR, we interviewed the renowned ASMR practitioner: ASMR Zetgeist

Can you define what ASMR is in a few words?

ASMR is first and foremost a powerful and effective relaxation method. It's the term for a physical reaction to certain stimuli. The most common one is gentle whispering, but also pleasant sounds such as soft tapping or scratching or possibly crinkle sounds with foil or fabric. There are many different ASMR triggers. It causes a tingling sensation, usually on the back of the neck or on the scalp, which can spread over the whole body. Many of us know this feeling, but only a few years ago a community was formed on the internet which gave it a name. Today there is a wide range of ASMR videos on YouTube. I recommend it anyone who wants to relax.

How did you discover and get into ASMR?

About five years ago I stumbled upon an online article on the matter. I knew immediately what it was about, because the article described a feeling that I had experienced a few times before. So I started watching the videos and it was like a revelation. I had tried many relaxation methods such as meditation or autogenic training, but none of them were as effective as ASMR. The whole topic was new and fascinating and I wanted to be part of this movement. So I decided to make ASMR videos myself.

In your opinion, why are so many people obsessed with ASMR?

It's really an easy way to calm down. You simply turn on the video, put on your headphones and lean back. It doesn't demand anything from you. You're just present in the moment as you watch the video and hear the binaural sounds. I like to describe it as a kind of passive meditation. You can just let go and forget about your cares and worries for a while.

Why did you choose to partner with Renault?

When I got the request for a collaboration with Renault I was immediately thrilled. Like everyone in Europe, I know Renault since childhood as a popular and respectable car brand. I also figured that ASMR and EV would fit really well together. The driving experience in an electric car is quite different because it is so quiet. It relaxes you immediately. On top of that, if such a well-known brand as Renault decides to combine its product with ASMR, it is also a great opportunity to bring the subject to a wider audience so that a lot more people can learn about it's great benefits. I am proud and happy about this collaboration.

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