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Alpine unveils two new limited editions and its customization program

03 March 2020
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Alpine A110 avant
After its presentation of the A110 SportsX in Paris, last month, Alpine unveils the A110 Légende GT and the A110 Color Edition 2020, two new limited editions as elegant as they are sophisticated. To top that, the Atelier Alpine personalisation programme dazzles with an explosion of colours to make the A110 all your own.
by Jean-Baptiste Pietra

Inspired as always, Alpine is back with two limited series, a customization program and the A110 SportsX that showcase the brand's cultural and sporting heritage.

A110 Légende GT: a new chapter in the renaissance of Alpine

Alpine A110

Here is the most refined interpretation of the A110 to date. Limited to only 400 examples worldwide, A110 Légende GT is available in three colours: Mercury Silver, Deep Black and Abyss Blue. Outside, the Alpine monograms and Pale Gold 18” Serac wheel rims underline the excellence of this limited edition. The exclusive amber-coloured leather seat upholstery within the cabin, carbon fibre styling components and numbered plate give a warm welcome to the driver. A specific luggage range accompanies this limited edition.


A110 Color Edition 2020: dare to break the mould

Alpine A110 arrière

With its sumptuous Sunflower Yellow garb, inspired by the finish of the first generation A110 of the 1960s and 70s, the A110 Color Edition 2020 is a real head-turner. The deep black of its Alpine monograms, the 18” GT Race wheels and the headlight inserts enhance this revived colour. The carbon fibre roof* further accentuates the contrast between the vivid paint colour of the bodywork and the darker style components. Inside, grey overstitching and a yellow marker on the steering wheel skilfully complete a resolutely sporty whole. As for the engine and chassis, the A110 Color Edition 2020 inherits all the assets of the A110S. This limited version will be offered until the end of the year, when it gives way to next year’s new Color Edition with a brand-new bodywork colour.

*Available as an option.


Atelier Alpine: a full-colour programme

Atelier Alpine

From off-whites to very vibrant reds, plus elegant metallic shades, personalisation takes on a new dimension with the Atelier Alpine programme. A palette of 29 new external paintwork colours, 3 wheel rim finishes (Gloss White, Gloss Black or Vibrant Gold) and four brake calliper colours (Light Grey, Red, Yellow or Vibrant Gold, all in addition to the existing options) is offered to customers who are comfortable with differentiation. As a respectful nod to its heritage, some colours from the past have been recreated using new ingredients and new paintwork methods to make every Alpine model unique.

Atelier Alpine’s new personalisation options mean that we are bound to see lots of A110s roll off the production line at Dieppe, each with its own unique personality. I’m especially pleased to see a true variety of versions in our customers’ hands, from the boldest creations to subtler, more restrained cars.

Patrick Marinoff, Managing Director Alpine

A110 SportsX: sportiness takes on a new meaning

Alpine A110 SportsX

Revealed to public acclaim in February at the Festival Automobile International in Paris, the A110 SportsX honours the Alpine brand’s glorious past. Inspired by the A110 1800 Berlinette, the winner of the Monte Carlo Rally in 1973, its wider, higher body sets it apart from other models.

An inexhaustible source of inspiration for the development teams at Alpine, this unique model* is based on the technical characteristics of the A110 Pure. Light and agile, it remains faithful to the brand’s DNA.

*Not available for sale.

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