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Dacia Spring Electric : Dacia's first all-electric car

20 October 2020
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On October 15th, Dacia opened a new chapter in its history with the revelation of the Spring Electric. For the brand, this is its first 100% electric model, but also its first small city car. In addition to its version for private individuals, the Spring Electric will have a specific version for car-sharing services and a Cargo utility version. All at a Dacia price, including batteries.
by Nicolas LE-BOUCHER

After democratizing the new car with Logan and then the SUV with Duster, Dacia is making electric mobility accessible with the Spring. A 100% electric city car, it is versatile, practical and economical to buy and use. It meets the need for new forms of mobility, with no polluting emission in use, and the added pleasure of driving an electric car.


Dacia is used to breaking the codes of the market. And it’s a success story. Over the past fifteen years, Dacia sold 6.8 million vehicles in 44 countries. After Logan and Duster, the third revolution is happening with Dacia Spring Electric.

Denis le Vot, Groupe Renault Executive Committee member


A trendy city-dweller who breaks codes

With its attributes from the world of SUVs, the Spring has an assertive, disruptive and fun look. Its reassuring stature hints at a high degree of interior roominess. The welcoming and well-equipped interior can comfortably accommodate four adults. The trunk, worthy of the upper segment, offers a loading capacity of 300 litres.

Despite its adventurous look and record-breaking roominess, Spring Electric is a true city dweller with a modest dimensions. With a range of 225 km in the WLTP cycle (295 km in WLTP City), it offers great versatility for both urban and suburban use.

Making electric mobility accessible

But Dacia Spring Electric is not just a vehicle for private individuals. With specific versions dedicated to car-sharing and the world of commercial vehicles, Dacia offers a pragmatic response to contemporary needs for sustainable mobility accessible to all. So, Spring Electric is available in a Cargo version for last-mile delivery professionals. The boot extends in place of the back seat and offers a volume of 800 litres for a payload of 325 kilos.


The Spring is going to make inroads into three distinct markets: retail market, car-sharing with numerous car-sharer operators throughout Europe, and on the last-mile delivery with its Cargo van version. Cool and trendy, Dacia Spring will change the game as an affordable electric mobility solution for all.

Denis le Vot


Large-scale deployment

Spring is the fruit of two unique areas of expertise: Dacia's expertise in offering essential cars at the right price and the Groupe Renault's expertise in designing high-performance and reliable electric vehicles, thanks to 30,000 employees trained in the specifics of electric mobility.

The Renault Group is working for the large-scale deployment of electric vehicles in favor of the ecological transition. Dacia Spring is part of this objective: as the most affordable electric car in Europe, it will make electric mobility accessible to the greatest number of people in the world.


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