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Five questions for Tristan Lormeau

29 March 2016
By the end of 2016, Renault will have hired a total of 2,000 people on permanent employment contracts since its recruitment drive started in early 2015. Renault's HR director for France, Tristan Lormeau, talks to us about how recruitment went in 2015, and about the profiles being sought today.
by Renault Group

Hello Tristan! How did your 2015 recruitment campaign go, and what are the results?

Well, there’s a huge amount of interest in working for Renault: we received around 32,000 applications from February 2015, when we made the overall campaign announcement, to February 2016.

Recruitment announcements at the industrial sites concerned were staggered from March to June, and recruitment began a little later at our other sites, which means the latest arrivals from the 2015 campaign are starting work now. 


Will recruitment be continuing in 2016?

We’ll be continuing, with recruitment of 1,000 people on permanent contracts in France this year. By pushing ahead with improvements in competitive performance, the company will be able to go beyond the commitment it made in the 2013 Competitive Performance Agreement, on recruitment of 760 people. Recruitment will be split half-and-half between production facilities and other functions, engineering in particular. As ever, we have ambitious objectives on diversity.


What exactly are these ambitious objectives on diversity?

Diversity is a source of performance and innovation. Obviously, we’re recruiting a high proportion of young people; indeed, around 15% of the new recruits are young people who have worked with us on internships or work-study programmes. But we’re also recruiting people in mid-career. And we’ve made commitments under our agreement on recruitment of disabled persons.


Then there’ll be a decisive impetus on gender balance in our teams.

Specifically, we’re aiming at 30% of women for recruitment in technical branches (meaning production and engineering teams), and 50% in other sectors.

Vacancies are in all vocational categories (production operators, technicians, engineers and managers), and address both new graduates and people with job experience (and qualifications at all levels).


What sort of profiles are you looking for?

We’re looking for committed, enthusiastic and adaptable people who are inspired by the prospect of taking up the considerable technological challenges we’ll be facing tomorrow, in areas such as connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, alternative energies and new digital systems. Some of the specific positions we’ll be filling include digital simulation engineers, application developers with big-data expertise, and digital project managers. The automotive industry is changing fast, and in a decade’s time the jobs people are doing in the automotive industry will be rather different from what they are doing today.



Another important factor in an environment as multicultural as Renault’s is today (with the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and our partnerships with Daimler and with Vaz in Russia), is that we’ll be needing people with an international profile. By this we mean people who, by their origin, experience or career background, have a proven capacity for adapting to multicultural working conditions. And this applies across all job functions.

Equally important is the capacity for teamwork: vehicle design at Renault is highly cross-functional, as indeed is vehicle manufacturing.


Where will the new recruits be working?

We’re talking about virtually all Renault sites in France. Most of our industrial and logistics sites are hiring. Then there are many vacancies at the Technocentre in Guyancourt, and at other Paris region sites. All are posted on our website.


Thank you very much Tristan!


Click here to view our vacancies (website in French only, as it is related to French vacancies).

If you're interested in an apprenticeship or internship with Renault, click here to apply.

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