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15 January 2018
2017 - Infographics - Global Sales Record - Groupe Renault
Nearly 3,8 million vehicles sold: a record year for Groupe Renault • Fifth year of growth in a row • Renault, the world’s leading French brand and the number-two in Europe
by Renault Group

Groupe Renault has increased sales for the 5th consecutive year. It is a record year for Renault and for Dacia. In the LCV segment, the group set a new record with 462,859 registrations, a rise of 4.1% on 2016.

In Europe, in a market that grew 3.3%, Group registrations rose 5.6% to 1,911,169 vehicles.
Outside Europe, Group registrations rose 11.6% in a market that grew 3.3%. Sales outside Europe now account for 49.2% of the total.

Renault, leadership on the electric vehicle segment

With a market share of 23.8%, Renault maintained its leadership in the electric vehicle segment. Registrations of ZOE, Europe’s top-selling electric vehicle, rose 44%.

All the regions of the group increased both in sales volumes and market share

In Europe, the group took a 10.8% share of the European market, up 0.2 points. In Eurasia, registrations rose 13.6% in a market that grew 7.0%. In the Asia Pacific region, registrations increased 17.0% in a market that expanded 2.7%. In Africa-Middle-East-India, group registrations rose 8.4% in a market that expanded 2.0%. In the Americas region, sales rose 9.9% in a market that expanded 7.2% for market share of 6.7%, a rise of 0.2 points.

Russia remains the group's second-biggest market with the consolidation of Lada sales volumes. In Turkey, Renault set a new historic record with sales rising 7.0% (130,276 vehicles) on a market that fell 2.8%. In China, Renault sold over 72,100 vehicles compared with 35,278 in 2016, thus doubling sales volumes in the space of one year.

Renault is seeking continued growth in 2018, buoyed by the development of its international activities and its renewed range.

"We set a new group record with sales of over 3.7 million vehicles in 2017. We are continuing to increase sales volumes and market share across all regions. Our strategy of range renewal and geographic expansion is continuing to bring results. In 2018, we will pursue our growth and internationalization of our sales in line with the Drive The Future plan,”

Thierry Koskas member of the Executive Committee, EVP, Sales and Marketing Groupe Renault.

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