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How to get into the habit of smooth driving

11 December 2019
5 min
Running silently, without any distracting vibrations or gear-shifting, electric vehicles naturally encourage you to adopt a smoother driving style. It’s a way to be more relaxed on the road, respect other drivers and the environment, all while saving money!
by Renault Group

What is smooth driving?

Smooth driving consists of moderate acceleration, following the rules of the road, and anticipated braking. It can take some skill to achieve in a conventional car with a manual transmission. But with gearless electric vehicles, which deliver immediate torque and accelerate without sound or vibration, it’s only natural to adopt a smooth style of driving.

Smooth driving and eco-driving

Smooth driving and eco-driving have a lot in common. Anticipating braking and accelerating gently both help save energy. Eco-driving requires a bit more attention when it comes to vehicle maintenance, such as keeping an eye on tire pressure and the vehicle’s weight limit and making moderate use of air conditioning.

Electric vehicles naturally incite drivers to embrace a smooth, relaxed seamlessly driving style. This serene approach is beneficial for both drivers’ well-being and their wallets, as it limits consumption and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Different driving styles and their effects

Sporty driving

Sporty driving consists of accelerating as quickly as possible and braking at the last possible moment to save time. While this driving style is perfectly suited to the racetrack, it is both costly and dangerous on the road.

Nervous driving

Nervous driving is characterized by abrupt movements on the pedals, the gearbox, and the steering wheel. It is often linked to stressful situations caused by dense traffic from which the driver attempts to escape by changing lanes frequently and accelerating suddenly.

Smooth driving

Smooth driving, as taught by driving schools, promotes a more gradual approach to both acceleration and braking. It is based on anticipation, which allows the driver to avoid potentially dangerous situations. It also leads to increased safety and comfort for everyone on the road.

5 Tips for adopting a smooth driving style

Have a light foot

Thanks to their instant torque, electric vehicles are extremely responsive when accelerating. Slight pressure on the gas pedal is all it takes to give the vehicle an energetic start.

Anticipate regenerative braking

Electric vehicles’ regenerative braking can help extend the range of the vehicle. Some models also allow you to adjust the force of the regeneration. On the Renault ZOE, for example, the central lever has a “B” mode that escalates engine braking. To take full advantage of the system, use the brake pedal as little as possible and anticipate slow-downs by looking well ahead of you on the road.

Respect others

Smooth driving requires you to be respectful of others, which means not driving too close to other vehicles, letting vehicles pass you when merging lanes, limiting sudden changes in speeds, etc. In addition to being more pleasant for everyone, this style of driving is helpful for reducing energy consumption and improving the flow of traffic.

Using ECO mode

Many electric vehicles have an Eco mode that reduces the responsiveness of the gas pedal and engine torque and increases regenerative braking. On the new Renault ZOE, the Eco mode limits the vehicle to a maximum speed of 90 km/h.

Manage your time well

Make sure you know how long your trip will take in order to avoid being in a hurry and be able to adopt a smooth driving style. A large majority of electric vehicles have an integrated navigation system. This is the case for the Renault ZOE, which uses the Renault CONNECT trip planner, which also identifies charging stations.


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