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Immersion in the Renault Design archives

18 February 2019
Hélène Galzin, Marketing project leader, reminds us that “the heritage of tomorrow is being prepared today”
External evolution, internal revolution. The design of the New Clio marks a brand-new chapter in a story dating back more than 120 years: the opportunity to rediscover the richness of the Groupe Renault’s heritage. More than 10,000 drawings and sketches have been inventoried in the company’s archives. Hélène Galzin, Marketing project leader, reminds us that “the heritage of tomorrow is being prepared today”…
by Valérie Calloch

Over the course of its 120-year history, Renault has managed to preserve an extremely rich heritage. Of course, there is the art collection and the Renault Classic collection containing more than 740 models.

But more recently, after preparing an inventory of documentary archives stretching nearly two linear kilometers, other gems have been revealed, including plans, drawings, correspondence, reports, advertisements, posters and design sketches.

An integral part of the company’s assets, these treasures represent highlights in our history and showcase highly valuable designs. .

Hélène Galzin: At the start of the project, we had no idea of the richness of these archives.

“In collaboration with two archivists, we began to list the documents,” explains Hélène Galzin. Their first task was to prepare an inventory of the drawings. After a sorting and inventory phase, the archivists began work to digitize a large part of the archive, conserve the documents in line with applicable standards and provide copies upon request to Renault employees, associations, researchers, etc.

The team quickly realized that some of these original designs were the starting point for the creation and development of iconic cars that occupy a special place in our history.

The expertise of the three designers associated with the project has made it possible to identify 500 gems. For them, this discovery remains an unforgettable experience.”

Find out more about Hélène Galzin’s work and, in upcoming videos, the three designers’ top picks and their expert opinions of these drawings.

Take note of our next three appointments with them to learn more!
February 20: testimony from Éric Diemert, design director of the Cooperative Innovation Laboratory,
February 26: with Jean-Philippe Texier (design project manager for the C, D and E ranges),
March 1st: with Louis Morasse (Director of the Commercial Vehicle Design range).

Discover some of these treasures:

Design Esquisse patrimoine archives publicités trésors - Gif

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