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Cars | 07 September 2018

Discover LADA at the Moscow International Motor Show

2018 - Moscow International Motor Show, LADA showroom
Leader on the Russian Market, the brand has been part of Groupe Renault since January 2017. It is driven by the success of its latest models LADA Vesta and XRAY
by Renault Group

LADA Executive vice-president for sales and marketing Jan Ptacek underlined: “Today LADA is a bold and bright design, confidence in all situations, the best quality and equipment at an affordable price. Our customers appreciated changes that occurred over the last 3 years – today the brand holds a record over the last 7 years market share of 20%.”

New LADA Granta family: symbol of trust

LADA bets on the new Granta family to confirm its strong and attractive image thanks to a well-balanced combination between progressive design, reliability and price. The new front end of the body embodies the brand’s identity.

LADA Vesta Cross sedan: created to be unique

4th model in the LADA Vesta Family, the LADA Vesta Cross sedan offers the advantages of a crossover to cope with Russian roads and climate thanks to higher ground clearance. LADA Vesta is one of the leaders of the Russian market: spacious passenger compartment, broad comfortable seats and high level of noise insulation.

2018 - LADA Vesta SW Cross at the Moscow International Motor Show

XRAY Cross: new horizons of freedom

As a new model in the family of urban crossover LADA XRAY, LADA XRAY Cross maintains the same philosophy as the Cross Range. The new vehicle incorporates new features such as increased rear space and steering wheel heating.

2018 - LADA XRay Cross 2 - in studioLADA Vesta Sport: from racing track to public roads

LADA Vesta Sport has offered victories to the brand in the major international and Russian motor sport championship. The new model is the logical continuation of sporting success: racing track’s advantages applied to the road.

2018 - LADA Vesta Sport at the Moscow International Motor ShowConcept car LADA 4X4 VISION: sporty and sophisticated

Launch 40 years ago, LADA 4X4 is being renewed with this concept car to meet the new customer’s needs, with more comfort, refinement and technology. Tough and rugged on the outside, LADA 4X4 VISION is both sporty yet sophisticated. It retains the brand’s design and DNA.

2018 - Concept-Car LADA 4x4 Vision au Salon International de l'automobile de Moscou

LADA Design Director Steve Mattin said: “We are preparing the brand’s future. Showing LADA 4×4 Vision we demonstrate the potential of a unique, expressive, bold and energetic design embodied in a new SUV drawing the inspiration from the legendary LADA 4×4.”

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