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New Captur E-TECH Hybrid

15 October 2020
2 min
Double dose of electrification for the New Captur! After its 160hp E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid version, it is also available in a 140hp E-TECH Hybrid version, to enjoy the sensations of electric driving and maximize efficiency in the city, without the need to plug in.
by Renault Group

What better than a popular and iconic model to democratize hybrid technology and make the unique driving experience it provides accessible to all? After its 160hp E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid version, the New Captur is now available with the 140hp E-TECH Hybrid engine. Complementary to the first one, this offer this offer is designed to meet different uses by giving access to the pleasure of electric driving, thanks in particular to instantaneous responsiveness during starting and acceleration. The New Captur E-TECH Hybrid maximises fuel savings in city thanks to its extended ability to drive electric. There is no need to worry about recharging, which is done automatically during braking and deceleration.


The New Captur’s E-TECH Hybrid engine is based on a new-generation 4-cylinder 1.6 petrol engine from the Alliance and adapted to hybrid technology. It is accompanied by two electric motors – an ‘e-engine’ and a High Voltage Starter Generator (HSG) – powered by a 1.2 kWh (230V) battery and an innovative multimode clutchless gearbox. With a total power output of 140 hp, it offers maximum efficiency in use with market-leading dynamic responsiveness. Starting is always 100% electric.

Fuel consumption

Regenerative braking combined with the high self-recharge capacity of the 1.2 kWh (230V) batteries and the efficiency of the E-TECH system optimizes consumption. This means that up to 80% of driving time in the city can be obtained with all-electric power, for a fuel consumption gain of up to 40% compared with an internal combustion engine in the urban cycle. Its running cost is close to that of the Diesel versions, which disappear from the range.


The battery of the New Captur E-TECH Hybrid recharges automatically while driving. During deceleration, when the driver lifts his foot off the accelerator pedal and the car is coasting or braking, the electric motor works like a generator to convert the energy produced by the rotation of the wheels into electricity. A “B” position on the shift lever activates advanced regeneration, further optimizing the amount of energy returned to the battery.


Despite the presence of the battery, the boot volume remains at the best level in the category. Above all, the rear seat remains sliding for 16 centimeters and the space for the spare tyre is preserved. In the E-TECH Hybrid version, the New Captur retains the versatility that has made it so successful. On the road, it offers the best compromise between comfort and dynamism.

Driving modes

The MULTI-SENSE settings allow the driver to choose a driving mode according to his mood or the road profile he is facing. The My Sense mode is the everyday mode, with an ‘electric effect’ that is very present and easy to maintain or repeat, whether in urban use or at higher speeds. Eco mode is based on a less dynamic and more measured accelerator pedal mapping. The Sport mode takes advantage of the engine’s full potential in terms of response time and performance.


The New Captur E-TECH Hybrid benefits with the Renault CONNECT ecosystem of a connected universe gathering many services accessible through the mobile application MY Renault and the new multimedia system Renault EASY LINK. The latter has permanent 4G connectivity and enriched services thanks to partners such as Google (address search) and TomTom (traffic info and danger zones).


The E-TECH Hybrid engine is available on all versions of the New Captur, including the R.S. Line finish inaugurated for the occasion. This proposal offers a dynamic and racy style while benefiting from technology that ensures very high efficiency.


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