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Renault F1 team unveils its Renault R.S.19 single seater

15 February 2019
2019 - Renault R.S. 19
Whispers run through the impatient crowd, the cameras click away... No, this isn’t the red carpet at Cannes: actually, we’re in England's green countryside. Let's go to Enstone and get a first look at the Renault R.S.19, shown for the first time to a crowd of journalists on February 12, 2019. The Renault F1 Team’s new single seater is ready to take on all-comers, with our two star drivers at the wheel.
by Renault Group

Since returning to the FIA Formula 1 World Championship in 2016, Renault F1 Team has been improving continuously, as the results show: from 9th position in 2016, the team climbed to 6th in 2017, and finished 4th last year. Renault F1 Team, determined to push ahead, unveiled its 2019 action plan. A look back to this yellow-and-black day, as if you were there!

Leading-edge technical facilities

Since 2016, Renault F1 Team has been investing significantly in its Enstone (UK) and Viry-Châtillon (France) centers. In the UK, production capacity has increased, thanks mainly to new machine tools, a wind tunnel and a gearbox test-bed. These ultramodern facilities are backed by a recruitment campaign that increased headcount by about 50%.

A combative, determined and resilient Team

Because excellence in F1 is also, and mainly, a human endeavor. The group spirit at Renault F1 Team is striking. All focused on a single goal: to go on improving.

Nico Hülkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo are the stable’s key motivators. There was a special spark of excitement at the 2019 season pre-briefing.

Renault R.S.19 is ready for 2019

Where there’s a driver, there's a single-seater. Renault R.S.19, unveiled under the camera flashes and video lights, was the uncontested star of the day.

It's more aerodynamic, meeting the FIA's new standards. The single-seater car is as light as it can be, and its entire design has been improved. These achievements were made possible by the leading-edge equipment at the two Renault F1 Team centers and the people who work there. In addition, Nico and Daniel are both major assets in the design work; their significant race experience means they know which solutions let them go faster.

Nico Hülkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo are the stable’s key motivators. There was a special spark of excitement at the 2019 season pre-briefing.

The engine is another major asset. Renault R.S.19 is fitted with the Renault E-Tech 19.

Let’s give the last word to Jérôme Stoll, Chairman of Renault Sport Racing:

"At Renault, motor sport is our passion. Our history in F1 has been almost uninterrupted for over forty years. This passion for F1 is a metaphor both for our combative, determined and resilient spirit, as well as for our progress through the ever-greater innovations that inspire this sport. Even though our passion must accept a good deal of realism, F1 still makes sense for Renault. It's a laboratory for the technologies that will be in our future production cars, as the engine’s new name, Renault E-Tech 19, shows. This is a truly awe-inspiring time to be part of this sport.”

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