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Renault in China, many assets and ambitious projects

27 June 2012
"Renault already sells cars in China, but only in limited numbers. If Renault is to play a more important role in China, then it needs to produce locally," declared Carlos Ghosn on January 9, 2012 at the Detroit Motor Show. Breaking into the Chinese market represents a major capital outlay for the company and demands a strong product plan and local manufacturing capacity in order to corner market share at a profit.
by Renault Group

Renault plans to start producing locally in China in the second part of the plan, between 2014 and 2016, by benefiting from the Alliance with its partner Nissan. China is already Nissan's largest market.

Focus: Renault on the Chinese market

Renault has long-standing presence and interest in China. It produced range-topping minibuses in China between 1995 and 2003, launched several joint ventures and started importing vehicles in 1999. In 2011 Renault sold 24,300 vehicles in China, representing a market share of 3% of imported vehicles and consolidating the success of Koleos. The brand is aiming to double sales in China by 2013, in particular with the launch of the premium sedan Talisman, which was unveiled at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, together with the continued drive to develop its network, set to grow from 80 dealers in 2011 to 170 dealers by 2014, and on the strength of a brand image that embodies the French touch, design and quality.

A good video being better than a speech, we invite you to watch the following two. The first one is focused on Renault on the Chinese market while the second one is focused on local Renault customers and their expectations.

Entering a new dimension

In addition to these plans for growth on the imported vehicles market, Renault will enter a whole new dimension in China with its project to manufacture locally, providing it with the means of breaking into the world's biggest automotive market. Renault's partner Nissan will be the brand's closest ally in this venture. As well as relying on Nissan's partner, Dongfeng, Renault will also be able to benefit from all the experience of the leading Japanese brand on the Chinese market.

Let us remind that to manufacture vehicles in China, foreign carmakers are obliged to team up with a Chinese partner in a joint venture, in which the foreign partner can hold no more than a 50% stake if the vehicles are shipped onto the domestic market. Each foreign manufacturer is limited to no more than two joint ventures in China.

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