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Renault Mégane E-TECH Plug-in: a versatile hybrid

29 May 2020
4 min
After Clio E-TECH and Captur E-TECH Plug-in, Renault introduces its revolutionary hybrid drive – with 150 patents – on the New Mégane. Initially available in its Estate version, Mégane E-TECH Plug-in combines all of the practical features of a station wagon with the electric driving experience, but without range limitations. This new model combines enjoyable driving with good environmental performance and continuous cost savings, making it a hit with both individuals and companies.
by Renault Group

Following 25 years of success and more than 7 million units sold, New Renault Mégane enters a new era with the introduction of the 160 HP E-TECH Plug-in drive on the Estate model. This is a hybrid plug-in drive (PHEV – Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle,) or rechargeable hybrid, meaning that it comes with a plug for charging the battery, which has enough capacity to supply the range needed for everyday trips. Plus, with the battery tucked away under the trunk floor, this Mégane still has all the practical features of a station wagon. The back seat can be folded down to reveal a flatbed trunk, and the front seat can be folded away sideways (depending on the model) making it easy to load long objects into the car.

A rechargeable hybrid for every situation

The result of Renault’s Formula 1 and e-mobility expertise, this all-new drive on New Mégane delivers a brand-new driving experience, along with the promise of big fuel savings, even on long trips. The New Mégane E-TECH Plug-in is an ideal solution for drivers looking for a multipurpose vehicle while staying conscientious about their environmental impact. The E-TECH Plug-in drive is available from specification level 2 and upwards, with high-end features as standard and services tailored specifically to its hybrid technology.

Extremely reduced power consumption thanks to rechargeable hybrid technology

New Mégane E-TECH Plug-in comes with a cutting-edge hybrid drive powered by a 1.6 liter combustion engine, specially optimized for use in hybrids, and two electric motors coupled in a parallel-series configuration. This means that the system can use both energy sources (combustion or electric power) either separately or together.

The more powerful of the two electric motors works on its own in phases of all-electric driving. The other electric motor is an advanced starter for the internal combustion engine. When starting the car, as long as the battery has enough charge left, the main electric motor is the first to kick in. When more of a boost is needed, the combustion engine and electric motors work together to deliver maximum output and unparalleled driving experience and agility.

This perfect synergy between the different motors and engine allows New Mégane E-TECH Plug-in to boast an average consumption of just 1.5 l/100 km; or less than 30 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometer!

A range of 65 kilometers without using any fuel

The New Mégane E-TECH Plug-in comes with a lightweight 9.8 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery. This capacity offers a range of up to 50 kilometers at a maximum speed of 135 km/h without using a single drop of fuel. For city driving, the range reaches up to 65 kilometers thanks to the all-new technology designed for optimal energy regeneration.
Whenever you slow down or hit the brakes, the energy produced by the wheels is converted into electricity and sent to the battery, charging it and thereby extending the range. A “B” position on the stick shift panel allows you to accentuate slowdowns and energy recovery.

Formula 1 expertise applied to hybrid technology

This solution was perfected thanks to Groupe Renault’s accumulated expertise in electrification with the Z.E. line, and also thanks to its long-standing involvement with Formula 1. The regeneration system is very similar to the KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) used by the world’s best Formula 1 drivers. The gearbox is also the result of Formula 1 developments: its totally innovative design, the only one of its kind in a mass-produced vehicle, contributes considerably towards the efficiency and effectiveness of the hybrid system as a whole.

Driving modes optimized for hybrid vehicles

Though the system is efficient when it comes to managing power throughput by itself, you are also free to choose the driving mode that’s best for you. The MULTI-SENSE settings built into the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system offer three driving modes that are specifically programmed to suit hybrid power. “MySense” optimizes the hybrid mode for lower running costs. “Sport” gives you maximum performance by combining the power of the two motors and the engine. Lastly, “Pure” allows you to switch to all-electric driving when the battery has enough charge. The “E-Save” feature allows you to keep a charge reserve (no less than 40% of battery power) for later use. This is a very practical option, if, for example, the end of your trip is in a downtown area.

E-TECH charging services

Like the New Captur E-TECH Plug-In and certain vehicles in the Z.E. line, New Mégane E-TECH Plug-in comes with Renault’s Z.E. connected services. All located on the MY Renault app, they allow you to optimize trips so that the electric motor and battery charging take precedence, and to manage charging remotely.

With its advanced hybrid rechargeable drive, New Renault Mégane E-TECH Plug-in is a trailblazer for new opportunities for making mobility more responsible, ecological and economical. It offers the noise-free environment, comfort and connected services that make driving an electric vehicle so enjoyable, as well as proving more versatile than any other vehicle for both short and long trips. In short, you get all the Mégane qualities, plus fuel savings!


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