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Renault MÉGANE eVISION: a design at the service of efficiency and emotion

16 October 2020
3 min
Renault unveiled its new electric show-car called Mégane eVision at the Renault eWays event dedicated to the mobility of today and tomorrow. Behind the unique proportions of this dynamic hatchback, which is a vector of emotion, lies a major challenge in terms of design and ingenuity. The Mégane eVision lives up to its name, since in addition to continuing the history of Mégane, it firmly establishes the model in the modern world. With it comes a new generation of Renault electric vehicles.
by Jean-Baptiste Pietra

Renault Mégane eVision combines styling elements reminiscent of city cars, SUVs and even coupés. But above all, the show-car is defined as a dynamic electric hatchback with new proportions and bold features.


Fusion of several universes

Thanks to the possibilities offered by a brand new modular platform - called CMF-EV - Renault's designers had the opportunity to juggle between different styles to design the show car.

“When we were making the sketches for the Mégane eVision, we used the fluidity of the coupé, the robustness of SUVs and the pride of a hatchback” says François Leboine, Director of Concept-cars Design at Groupe Renault. “The electric architecture has pushed the wheels to the corners, has created short overhangs, a high body line, tall and narrow wheels and a nice silhouette on the profile of the cabin.”

Aeronautics also inspired the designers, particularly in the integration of sophisticated elements such as flush door handles, propeller blade-shaped wheel rims, and side scoops that are veritable air curtains. “We have turned the aerodynamic constrains into a very elegant roofline” adds François Leboine.


Let there be light

Far from being a simple show car that you watch or admire, the Mégane eVision comes alive with a new lighting signature called "LIVINGLIGHTS".

“On this show-car, we have played with the lights in many ways. We have created a very strong LIVINGLIGHTS signature, expanding outward from the logo, on front and rear of the car, playing with kinetic stripes, echoing the work of Victor Vasarely, creator of the Renault logo”, says François Leboine.

“This welcoming animation is an ode to the sparking light of the Eiffel Tower.” With finesse and precision, it draws horizontal and vertical lines and activates them using matrix LED technology.

The effect produced by this set of light is amplified using metallic shades: “we have also played with the contrast of textures, between the shiny golden roof and the satin dark metal body. That enhanced the alliance between technicity and sensuality.”


Details and technicality

“Finally, we paid a particular attention to the details, to create an electric feeling” adds François Leboine. The Mégane eVision has inherited a great electrical genetic richness. It can be seen in the illumination of the loading hatch, in the consistency of the daytime running lights or in the visibility of the light-up logo.

“We concentrated our work on sharp graphics that alternate with smooth surfaces. We also developed some patterns influenced by the world of high-tech electronics. Thus, we combine the language of muscles with very precise details to obtain a generation 2.0 of electric vehicles”, concludes the Director of Concept-cars Design at Groupe Renault.



To summarize, Luca De Meo, CEO of Groupe Renault says “We took our 25-year best-seller and took it to the future”.

Through this show-car that breaks the design codes and combines sensuality, technicality and aerodynamics, Renault claims continuity with its history and the successes carried by the Mégane name. But it also and above all offers a vision of a future that can already be touched with a fingertip and that will be accessible to all. The production model that will result from the show car will be unveiled next year.

Technical features


Length: 4,210 mm

Width: 1,800 mm

Height: 1,505 mm

Wheelbase: 2,700 mm

Wheels: 20 inches

Tyres: Continental 245/40 ZR 20

Weight: 1650 kg

Engine: 160 kW (217 hp) wound-rotor electric engine

Transmission: 4x2

Drive: Front-wheel

Charge: AC up to 22 kW, DC up to 130 kW

Batteries: 60 kWh - 400V


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