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Women and men are the conductor of Renault’s plant of the future!

25 July 2017
2017 - Groupe Renault - Usine du futur - Future plants - human
With connected project managers, an increasing advanced customization to satisfy clients, experts, operators, helped by state-of-the-art technologies… The factory of the future definitely functions around a precious core: Human!
by Valérie Calloch

Collaborative robots, flexible production line, communicating components, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), driverless forklift trucks, real time quality control, predictive maintenance…How is the production line conducted in tomorrow’s factory?

A long way from replacing people, technologies gradually help phasing out heavy tasks. More agile and responsive, trained in the new technologies, operators benefit from these innovations and focus on operations of greater added value.

At the same time, "debulking" robots also make it easier to handle parts. They pick up, replace and empty parts in trays, contributing to a smoother process flow.  At the factory of Cléon (France), to promote agility and minimize health risks, some employees are fitted with exoskeletons, for easier handling of parts.

Last, to support this high-tech revolution, managers are modernizing the way they work through "Trust Management". This approach encourages employees to work independently and to take initiatives. It also promotes team work.

A training offer has been developed for managers. Many production sites have already followed this training. The aim is to train all managers – from team managers to directors – by the end of 2017.

Renault Manufacturing in figures:

The Manufacturing base comprises more than 66,000 employees, 36 production sites and 12 logistics sites.


The cultural diversity of our sites is an asset but the capacity to apply the same fundamentals and to deploy innovations the world over to meet customer requirements remains key to performance and is one of the objectives facing the plant of the future."
 Jose Vicente de los Mozos.


Learn more: Exoskeleton… how does it work?

Exoskeleton is like a backpack with two mechanical arms. It can help in different ways: it eases parts handling weighing up from 5 to 15 kg, reducing efforts, and facilitates people facing disability.

Its structure supports and follows moves without requiring complementary action. It is quite easy to use. After a short training period working with exoskeleton it is quickly experienced as positive and safe.

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