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Smart, user-friendly, ultra-modular: Triber, a new model designed for India

19 June 2019
3 min
Conviviality and sharing are the Indian values that Groupe Renault wanted to translate into the new Triber model unveiled today in New Delhi. This vehicle adapts to the lifestyles of Indians, regardless of the size of their “tribe”, for group travel with family or friends. The Triber is an ultra-modular contemporary vehicle that's comfortable for everyone onboard.
by Aimee Sean

Groupe Renault's international ambitions once again demonstrate consideration for the specificities of local markets. After the K-ZE in China, the Triber is the latest vehicle designed for a specific region. In this case, in India, locals like to travel with their family or as a "tribe", without having to spend a fortune on a big car. The smart, user-friendly and ultra-modular Triber can carry up to seven adults while remaining under the four-metre-long bar.

A particularly attractive design

Triber is an attractive vehicle—it’s spacious and ultra-modular, but not at the expense of design! The Triber is the result of a joint effort by Renault teams from India and Europe and boasts an original, modern and attractive design.


On the outside, it combines dynamism and robustness with fluid, taut lines, without being too long (under four metres). High ground clearance gives the Triber the look of an adventurer that can take on all road types. As on all models in the Renault range, the brand's logo is highlighted on a wider grille, including C-shaped headlamps.


The Triber has a modern interior design featuring top technology to make for an easier driving experience every day. The interior layout encourages conviviality and sharing, so that the on-board experience is fun for all occupants: warm colours, careful finishing touches, a cooled glove compartment, large touch screen, air conditioning ducts for all passengers, etc.  

Unprecedented space and modularity

But Triber's real strength is its modularity: there are more than 100 different possible seating configurations. Whether you're travelling as a couple with luggage or in a small or large group with up to seven adults, every eventuality is taken care of: the second-row seating slides and reclines, the individual third row seats are easy to install and remove thanks to the Easy Fix system and the wide rear door openings make it easy for all passengers to get on board.

They will be spoilt with the best-in-class legroom, 12V charging and USB sockets, as well as plenty of storage space throughout the cabin.

Discover Triber's record modularity and much more in the video:

India: a strategic market for Groupe Renault

Triber is an innovative concept that allows Groupe Renault to complete its local offering in India, which already includes Kwid, Duster and Captur. With no direct competitors on the market, Triber represents a new alternative to the usual B-segment vehicles. It targets the specific expectations of Indian customers: to have a modern and spacious yet compact, ultra-modular and economical car all the members of the household can travel in.

More than half of Indian automotive households consists of five persons or more in their family. Also, more than half of these households have at least four adults. In a first for the industry, a carmaker is offering an innovative solution tailored to their needs. More than just a car, Renault Triber is a major breakthrough.

Harikrishnan Chandran - Product Planning Manager for Renault India


Triber will contribute to Groupe Renault's strategy as part of its strategic plan, Drive the Future, and the acceleration of its international expansion. The Group aims to double its sales volume by 2022. India represents a key development market for achieving this objective and doubling the Group's revenue outside of Europe. In India, the medium-term objective is to double the sales volume to 200,000 units per year over the next three years.

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