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Spring show car: an electric revolution from Dacia!

03 March 2020
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Changing the rules of the game on the automobile market has long been part of Dacia’s history. Once again, the brand is shaking up the industry with its announcement of the most accessible electric car on the market. In the form of a 100% electric show car called Spring, Dacia is driving the revolution forward!
by Renault Group

An electric car with the Dacia DNA

The Dacia Spring show car heralds the arrival of an electric series model, the first by Dacia to embark on this future mode of mobility, with reduced operational costs. With this announcement, Dacia begins a new chapter to its book…

Following on from Logan, whose release shook up the new car industry, and Duster, which marked a similar revolution for SUVs, the arrival of a manufacturer like Dacia on the electric vehicle market is significant. Designed in accordance with the fundamental values of the brand, the Dacia Spring Electric show car has the same simplicity, robustness and accessibility in its genes as its combustion engine predecessors. All this while also being adapted to electric propulsion – of which Groupe Renault has proved itself as an industry leader over the past decade.

The Dacia Spring Electric show car heralds the arrival of a resolutely contemporary and easy-to-use city car which responds to the principal needs of the electric vehicle market. It is a light and compact car with a range of around 200 km (WLTP*) adapted to modern urban and suburban use.

With the Spring show car, Dacia makes its mark on the electric mobility market with its identity as an affordable brand and the numerous advantages that come with this type of motorization: no CO2 emissions when driving**, a silent motor, driver comfort, no vibrations, etc.

A vehicle that overturns the rules of automotive design

Staying true to the impact made on the market by the Duster, with the Spring Electric show car Dacia offers an elegant SUV whose compact dimensions adapt it to everyday trips. Its raised ground clearance testifies to this, along with its overall look, designed to express the dynamism and robustness that are so integral to the brand’s vehicles.

The show car invites attention with its combination of Gris Souris and Orange Fluo colors. Four double-Y LED lights at the back, LED headlights, integrated graphics on the front bumper section as well as a luminescent horizontal line, make up its overall look.

The luminosity of the show car represents the bright new look of Dacia vehicles.

An electric Dacia leading the fleet?

The electric car is not only a revolution in terms of mobility, it is one of the main components in the future of automotive use, in particular with regards to services such as carsharing, where Groupe Renault has firmly established itself over the past few years. The series model, as demonstrated by the Spring Electric show car, will be integrated into the current services of the brand’s fast-growing fleets.

With its new show car, therefore, Dacia makes a confident entrance into the world of 100% electric vehicles, all while retaining its identity as an unbeatable manufacturer when it comes to robustness, simplicity and efficiency!


* The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) range corresponds to a normalized cycle: 57% urban driving, 25% suburban driving, 18% highway driving.

** Neither atmospheric emissions of CO2 nor regulated pollutants while driving (excluding wear parts).

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