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19 October 2020
3 min
The Renault Twingo Electric is being tested on video. Thanks to its clean and silent 100% electric propulsion, its 82hp engine, its reduced size and its excellent turning radius, Renault's iconic small city car provides ever greater driving pleasure and comfort on a daily basis. Behind the wheel for the presentation of this test, professional driver Charlotte Berton proves that Twingo Electric more than ever deserves its nickname as the queen of the city!
by Jean-Baptiste Pietra

Professional driver, French women's rally champion and driving instructor, Charlotte Berton got behind the wheel of Twingo Electric for a test drive.


Twingo Electric takes up the playful design that has made its ICE twin such a success. With "endearing impish looks" as Charlotte Berton likes to remind during her test drive.

A few small, signature details echo this electric version. In addition to the recharging socket, instead of the fuel flap, blue piping on the front grille. A strapping has been drawn in the center of the wheels. A pinestripe also runs along the body to highlight the car's dynamic lines.

The Twingo Electric Vibes limited edition car being tested here stands out for its even more vibrant exterior style with its exclusive "Valencia Orange" color. Orange or white strippings, white inserts on the front grille and 16'' Monega diamond alloy wheels with orange wheel caps round off its sparkling summery style.


As Charlotte Berton explains, "Drivers today are looking for vehicles that are practical, economical and environmentally friendly. And Twingo Electric is Renault's answer to this changing demand”. 

This model has a range of 270 km in town (190 km over the full WLTP cycle). When compared with the average daily mileage of around 30 kilometers traveled by owners of mini-city cars in Europe, this means a week's worth of daily journeys can be made without charging anytime. What's more, it is easy to recharge it at any charging station, thanks to its Cameleon® Renault-patented intelligent charger. A simple half-hour break connected to a 22-kW terminal is enough to recover enough power to drive 80 kilometers on mixed routes.

Behind the wheel, the pleasure is savored from the moment you start... quietly. The electric engine is nonetheless invigorating, with a power output of 60 kW (82 hp) for a maximum torque of 160 Nm immediately available. Acceleration and throttle response are at the same time frank, silent and accessible from low revs. In addition to its liveliness, Twingo Electric still offers the best turning radius on the market and excellent agility thanks to its four-cornered wheels.

In addition to the traditional functions, Twingo Electric has a specific mode, known as "B mode". This is a clever system that adapts driving to the traffic conditions and lanes used. There are three modes to choose from, and the one selected acts directly on energy recovery linked to the deceleration of the car.


Twingo Electric has a spacious and practical interior. The center console with its storage compartments, the closed glove compartment, the sockets designed for smartphones and the 7-inch touch screen are all details that enhance on-board comfort. Noteworthy are the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and the MY Renault application, which provide access to numerous connected services such as real-time tracking of the car's charge or planning a trip according to the charging points available on the way.

The trunk, closed by a tailgate with a handle, offers a generous volume of 240 liters for a loading length of 2.31 meters when the front passenger seat is folded down.

The color of the dashboard fascia panel, the contours of the air vents, the gear lever base, the steering wheel spokes, as well as the upholstery trim color can be customized.

On the Vibes limited series, the interior decorations are reminiscent of the new "Valencia Orange" color. From the new specific upholstery to the inserts on the dashboard, the Vibes Limited Series is enriched with sparkling touches of orange. The exclusive details, emblazoned with "Vibes", animate the center console and door sills.


For Charlotte Berton, this test-drive is successful. Twingo Electric is a nice surprise.

"Autonomy, versatile recharging, agility, connected services: New Renault Twingo Electric is THE ideal city car for everyday use," concludes the driver in her video.

"Thanks to its 22-kWh battery, it will be with you all week long on a single charge. At the weekend, its compatibility with most existing terminals means you can move around without restriction. Its new all-electric propulsion system provides driving pleasure without compromising comfort."

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