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Cars | 28 January 2019

The All-new Renault CLIO sparks an interior revolution

2019 - Nouvelle Renault Clio 5 - Design Interieur
“This is the best Clio ever, for several reasons; the first is probably that it carries a very strong interior revolution, immediately perceptible.” Laurens van den Acker, head of Groupe Renault’s Corporate Design, is very clear to describe the philosophy behind the development of the fifth generation Clio’s interior. Work on colors, materials, perceived quality, seats, etc.: the designers give us all the details about this interior worthy of the upper segments.
by Emmanuel GENTY

Priority for quality

1990-2019: the Clio saga continues with the fifth generation of this icon, the Groupe Renault’s best-seller in the world, which today reveals its interior design.

To succeed in the challenge of creating a cabin on a city car worthy of the upper segments, the designers have given priority to the work on perceived quality, thanks in particular to the richness of the materials selected.

"The upper surface of the dashboard is foamy, the headbands and door panels are also made of soft-touch material, as are the armrests and the contour of the central console. Their touch is really pleasant."
Magali Gouraud, Interior designer

2019 - Nouvelle Renault Clio 5 - Design InterieurThis sophistication is accentuated by the choice of colours for the furniture. In total, New Clio offers eight different moods, plus two colourful customization packs.

"Inside the All-new Clio, there are contrasting parts that contribute to improving perceived quality. I am thinking, for example, of the centrale console, which gives the impression of being floating."
Miguel Angel Iranzo Sanchez, Colors & Materials Stylist

A modern and technological “smart cockpit”

The various elements of the cabin form the "Smart Cockpit" of the All-new Clio, whose emblematic piece remains this large 9.3-inch multimedia screen. It is simply the largest multimedia screen ever seen at Renault. Like the rest of the dashboard, it is slightly oriented towards the driver.

"The idea was to highlight the entire technology of this screen by creating an iconic part inside the vehicle. This screen comes to the forefront for better readability and to bring modernity to the cabin."
Magali Gouraud

2019 - Nouvelle Renault Clio 5 - Design Interieur

It's not just the driver who is pampered on board the All-new Clio. Rear passengers enjoy better interior space thanks to the special design of the seats and their semi-soft, inground shells. Our designers have even managed to reconcile aesthetic constraints with more practical considerations.

"We wanted seats that were as close as possible to real sculptures, particularly with their comma-shaped headrests. By their fineness, they also contribute to improving rear visibility. "
Miguel Angel Iranzo Sanchez

2019 - Nouvelle Renault Clio 5 - Design InterieurThis internal revolution makes the All-new Clio the pioneer of a new generation of Renault. Well-being, habitability, pleasure and technology are in the spotlight in a modern, ergonomic and qualitative cabin.

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