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The keys to planning a journey by electric car

03 July 2023
5 min
Planning a long trip by electric car raises several questions regarding the route, range, access to charging stations, charging time, payments methods and so on. Enjoy the benefits of electric mobility with complete peace of mind, including the 470 km WLTP range of the All-new Megane E-Tech electric, thanks to the journey planner in the OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in. A host of applications are available to help you plan your holiday, including recharging and entertainment for all occupants on board. Renault's ambition is to develop its range of in-car games and will be offering a world first in the All-new Renault Espace, an interactive music quiz called Songpop for Renault, designed in partnership with Gameloft.
by Nicolas LE-BOUCHER
The openR Link connected multimedia system makes it easy to plan your journey

How to prepare for a long journey by electric car? 

The basic rule is the same for electric and all other cars: long drives take planning. In other words, plot out your route, figure out how far you can drive the car and how to maximise its range, locate the charging stations on the way, optimise charges and find a simple way to pay for them. All these actions can be carried out quickly and intuitively via dedicated applications on your smartphone, such as My Renault, Google Maps, Mobilize Smart Charge, or directly on board the latest-generation Renault electric cars, such as the All-new Mégane E-Tech electric, via the openR Link connected multimedia system. Ready to take to the road with complete peace of mind? Bon voyage! 

Integrated into openR Link, the Google Maps journey planner can be used to calculate your route

Plan and calculate your route by electric car 

With the Google Maps feature for electric cars, built-in openR Link, you can plan where and how long you will stop and charge before you start your journey. You have three optional settings: avoid toll roads, avoid motorways and avoid ferry crossings. The system maps out your itinerary based on how much charge you have in your battery when you set out, how far you need to drive, the weather on the way and the charging stations you can stop at.  

The system optimises your total journey time with a smart simulation that factors in charging time (which depends on the power rating of the charging points it selects), the temperature of the vehicle’s battery, the charge you will have when you reach the station and the charge you will need to complete the journey without any problems.  

Then you can apply a payment method filter, for example to narrow down the list to stations where you can pay with a Mobilize Charge Pass (if there are any in the area).  

If you're the more happy-go-lucky type, and don’t want to worry about charging, the My Renault app on your smartphone will tell how far you can drive – your “reachable radius” – without stopping for a charge. Then all you have to do is choose a destination within the area to plan your electric journey.  

Recharging during a trip by electric car 

There are several charging methods and types of sockets to connect your vehicle to a charging point. They include home plugs at the low end of the power-rating spectrum and fast charging stations at the high end (charging time decreases as power increases). The European Union has adopted Type 2 car and outlet connectors as standard, so they are the most widely available option. Fast charging uses high-voltage and requires a special "combo 2" vehicle-level socket is done at charging points equipped with their own recharging plug. It can accept either a DC or an AC charging cable. The Combo 2 socket on the All-new Megane E-Tech electric, for example, is compatible with all the accelerated and fast charging infrastructure available in Europe. 

Mobilize Charge Pass app allows to pay for your charge at public stations in 25 countries across Europe

In the My Renault app, you can use Mobilize Charge Pass to instantly locate charging stations, check availability and pay for your charge at public stations in 25 countries across Europe. To find the stands that are compatible with your vehicle, you can add a filter to zero in on the ones with the power ratings and socket types you select.  

To find even more options, you can use the Plug Inn app to locate, book and pay for a top-up at a charging point in a private home. Homeowners, in other words, can opt into this community to make money from their charging stand at the rate and in the time windows they choose.  

The next generation of Renault electric vehicles will come with smart bidirectional charging capabilities, including a V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) system. So cars will both draw electricity from the grid and feed electricity back into it – or help to power your home. With this intelligent feature, all you have to do is set the time you plan to use the car and how much charge you will need, and the battery will charge when consumption decreases and discharge when it peaks. Depending on your country and your contract with your electricity supplier, you may be able to use less expensive, lower-carbon electricity and help the grid optimise power distribution at the same time.  

The Combo 2 socket on the All-new Megane E-Tech electric, for example, is compatible with all the accelerated and fast charging infrastructure available in Europe

Fast charging for smoother long-distance drives  

The Renault Megane E-Tech electric 60 kWh version can drive up to 470 km and the 40 kW version up to 300 km (in both cases WLTP).  

The figures speak for themselves : 

Charging time 

Recovered range  

Typ of charging point 

8 h 

400 km 

Wallbox 7,4 kW 


125 km 

Charge 22 kW 

30 min 

200 km on highway 

Fast charge 130 kW 

30 min 

300 km WLTP 

Fast charge 130 kW 


Today, fast-charging stations are capable of delivering 50 to 150kW of DC power, representing 10 to 15% of the supply, and are mainly concentrated along major motorway routes. Several motorway fast-charging network projects have been developed across Europe to encourage the growth of long-distance electric mobility. The best way to save time, especially at fast stations, is to wait until the battery’s range drops below 20% before charging.  

Entertainment while recharging during a trip by electric car 

The My Renault app provides a new and enhanced experience from a constantly growing library of content. In addition to the in-car features, Renault is expanding its choice of exclusive connected services, primarily through partnerships with developers and content creators, to keep everyone entertained and having fun in a Renault electric vehicle.  

The ample choice of enriched interactive content already available in the openR Link multimedia system for Renault vehicle owners keeps everyone in the car informed and entertained during the journey and, most importantly, while the car is parked to charge the battery.  

  • Songpop for Renault: a music quiz for all passengers. All passengers can play a music quiz during the journey or at a stop. A world first for Renault, the 'SongPop for Renault' application will be available on the All-new Renault Espace and our range of openR Link equipped EV from 31 July. Free of charge, this fun application allows all occupants to play an interactive musical blind test together from their seats using their mobile devices. This content, ideal for livening up family trips, offers an immersive experience with the Harman Kardon hi-fi system. It is the fruit of collaboration between Renault and games designer Gameloft (Vivendi Group).
The 'SongPop for Renault' application, a Music quiz, will be available on the All-new Renault Espace and our range of openR Link equipped EV from 31 July
  • Les Incollables® for Renault, a general-knowledge quiz for the whole family, with exclusive content for Renault. 
  • Kabriol, a tourist guide and quiz for children. 
  • Karacal for Renault, a library of geolocated audio guides and podcasts to learn about attractions you can visit on your way. 
  • Amazon Music Unlimited including a free 6-month subscription for Renault vehicle owners. 
  • Sybel and Sybel Kids, including a free 6-month subscription for Renault vehicle owners to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. 
  • L’Equipe for Renault to stay abreast of sports news, including exclusive articles and free podcasts.
  • Vivaldi, an optimised, exclusive in-vehicle Internet browser. 
  • Waze (free), embedded in and optimised for openR Link.
  • EasyPark (free), optimised for openR Link, providing an enhanced experience and including an exclusive feature, Autostop, which automatically ends the parking session when the car leaves a parking spot.
  • The Radioplayer App, access all your favorite stations live, everywhere and all the time.

openR Link is the ultimate travel companion

With its cutting-edge connectivity, the openR Link scalable multimedia system with native Google features transfers seamlessly between the outside and inside of the car. It is intuitive, user-friendly and hyperconnected, makes your life easier in the car and feels as natural as a smartphone. 

You have a choice of Google services at your fingertips – including Google Maps, Google Assistant and up to 50 other apps on Google Play (depending on the country). The interface is fully customisable and compatible with smartphones running Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (wired or wireless).

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