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The Software République: a new ecosystem for innovation in intelligent and sustainable mobility

09 April 2021
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Announced at the presentation of the Renaulution strategic plan in January, Renault's Software République is already a reality! It was launched today in the presence of Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault Group, and his counterparts from Atos, Dassault, ST Microelectronics and Thales, the first founding partners, at the brand new Odyssée building at the Renault Technocentre. At the heart of this project, unique in the sector, are leading companies and innovative start-ups united to create mobility solutions and systems that will shape the (near) future of mobility.
by Charlotte Legrée


Mobility has been a common good for decades, but it has never evolved as quickly and radically as in recent years. These profound changes are prompting automotive and technology companies to innovate in the way they operate, and to join forces to better meet the challenges they face in terms of connectivity, decarbonization, multimodality and business models. Launched by Renault, with Atos, Dassault Systèmes, STMicroelectronics and Thales as its first founding partners, the "Software République" is the result of this observation. It will function as a new ecosystem for innovation in intelligent mobility.

Creating the mobility solutions of tomorrow 

By pooling their complementary expertise in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, embedded systems and Big Data, the partners plan to develop new software and solutions that will enable mobility service operators to offer citizens, businesses and local authorities services that facilitate accessibility, improve the user experience and enhance energy management. These offers, which integrate vehicle systems, service platforms and network operating tools, will be increasingly accessible, simple, fluid, multimodal, responsible and secure.

software republique

Cooperation at the top 

The "Software République" ecosystem is being created in anticipation of a strong increase in the global mobility market between now and 2035: +60% and up to €11,000 billion in revenues according to the Boston Consulting Group. It will enable us to capture value, particularly from electric vehicles, new components, new after-sales services and other value-added services, and to create the associated jobs.

The vehicle is no longer the central point of the automotive value chain, as software, electronics and on-board intelligence increasingly determine both the value and use of the vehicle for new mobility needs and services. We want to work together with partners in the Software République to position ourselves as a pioneer in this new mobility value chain.

 Luca de Meo - CEO, Renault Group 

software republique

Opportunities for convergence

The Software République will be able to welcome new members in addition to the five founding leaders - large companies as well as innovative start-ups within its future incubator - and thus develop a collaborative environment for development and experimentation.

Thanks to this open innovation system, the Software République will offer development opportunities for industry, infrastructure, telecommunications, and also aeronautics and defense. It is also a tool for sovereignty in a global market in which the United States and China have already taken positions. Today, the founding members of the Software République are expressing the urgent need for France and Europe to collectively build a sustainable ecosystem that aims to ensure their sovereignty in this field.

An exciting challenge.

Discover the Software République

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