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Twizy being tested by Korea Post for delivery

05 April 2018
2018 - Renault Twizy - La Poste - Corée Séoul
On February 20 in Seoul, Korea, Renault Samsung Motors (RSM) participated in the MOU and launching ceremony for Post Office’s eco-friendly delivery car pilot project between the Korea Post, the Ministry of Science & ICT (MSIT) and the Ministry of Environment (MOE). An opportunity to demonstrate Twizy's many advantages, ideal for deliveries in town.
by Raphaelle GOMEZ

Through this MOU and launching ceremony, RSM emphasized the excellence and suitability of Twizy as a post delivery vehicle. Test drive of Twizy at actual roads were also provided for MSIT Minister, MOE Minister, Korea Post President, and Director General of Climate & Air Quality Management Office.

Twizy is a sole micro-EV with airbag and a safety level of compact cars. Along with safety, Twizy has a strong advantage of easy driving through narrow roads which Korea Post is pursuing. RSM hopes to make contribution in this new project so that work quality of mailperson could improve and new direction for eco-friendly distribution system would establish, said Mr. LEE Kiin, RSM Manufacturing COD. RSM plans to actively cooperate will government authorities for the distribution of safe, eco-friendly, and comfortable micro-EVs, he added.

The MOU signed between the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Environment with the Korean Post provides for the reduction of fine particles and thus the replacement of the Korean postal fleet of 10,000 old motorcycles by ultra-compact electric vehicles by 2020. This protocol is part of South Korea’s overall policy to reduce fine particles.

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