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Twizy Contest challenge: imagining the future of mobility

30 October 2018
Groupe Renault is teaming up with Segula Technologies to launch the Twizy Contest, an international challenge encouraging future engineers and designers to use their creativity to find solutions for the mobility of tomorrow around the Twizy platform.
by Aimee Sean

What are the objectives?

Offering innovative services and products to improve mobility in the cities of tomorrow. This is the challenge presented to these students. With access to the information on the Twizy platform, they are free to explore all their ideas to win the jury’s favor. They must demonstrate the originality and feasibility of their project and propose an advertising campaign. This is a unique opportunity to highlight the talents of the participants: in addition to being part of a community of innovators, they will have the chance to defend their projects in Paris before a jury comprised of experts from Groupe Renault and its partners. This challenge can serve as a springboard for their professional careers.

How do I participate and what are the prizes?

The contest is open to all students from France and abroad (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, France, India, Romania, South Korea, Russia), enrolled at university in a design or engineering school. Working in teams of five people, they have until November 30th to submit a project online via the dedicated website:
The top 10 dossiers will be selected to advance to the next stage of the journey. Over the course of 2019, each team that wins at the national level will be awarded a Twizy, which they will use to develop a prototype of their project. In addition, a €15,000 prize will be shared among the three winning teams. The “Twizers” will then face off in the international final round, which will take place in Paris (the cost of the trip is included). Finally, the international winner will be awarded a trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2020.

4 questions for Paul De-Chatelperron, Creative Technologist & Alliance Creative Lab Network Coordinator.

How did the Twizy Contest challenge come about?

Paul De-Chatelperron, Creative Technologist & Alliance Creative Lab Network Coordinator.

Paul De-Chatelperron : The challenge was born last year following an informal exchange during a presentation of student work with Segula Technologies. Faced with the quality and relevance of the projects presented, we thought it would be interesting to organize a contest together to take the experience further. We just had to find the right medium, format and subject. The subject of Twizy POM (Twizy Platform Open-Mind, now known as Twizy Open Platform) naturally came up very quickly, as it embodies the values that we wanted to share in bringing together a community of students around the Group’s innovation projects.

How will this challenge serve the sustainable mobility strategy of Groupe Renault?

P.D.-C.: The mobility of tomorrow is constantly called into question. New players are entering the field every day, and we must address the new concerns - ecological, economic and social - of future generations. Launching an international contest each year is an excellent way to better understand the issues that will shape our future, to offer new ideas to our teams and to take up the challenge of co-creating with the emerging talents we will meet. This can only be beneficial for the sustainable mobility strategy of Groupe Renault.

Why Twizy?

P.D.-C. : Yes, we decided to work with Twizy. This choice allows us to strengthen the Twizy Open Platform project, which is related to this small vehicle as the ideas produced in the contest will complement the studies underway. In addition, its image is perfectly in line with the spirit of the contest: agile, fun, innovative and ecologically-minded. It’s a perfect illustration of the briefing that we requested from the students who will form a community of Twizers (a mix between hacker and skater to encourage students to use objects in unexpected ways and to work creatively with the constraints of cities) - all with the aim of making the cities of tomorrow an easier place to live!

Will you be a member of the jury? What do you expect from candidates?

P.D.-C. : Of course! We will even closely follow the other international teams (the contest is also deployed by the engineering centers of Groupe Renault) as this will surely allow us to meet the future talents of the company. To this end, we expect participants to demonstrate boldness and creativity and, most importantly, to have fun on this adventure! Let’s go play.

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