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4CONTROL and MULTI-SENSE : All-new Renault Austral, at the touch of a fingertip

16 December 2022
Innovation & technology

The All-new Renault Austral combines the most advanced 4CONTROL and MULTI-SENSE technology, the culmination of more than ten years of development. The pinnacle of personalization, they boast a unique ability to choose settings according to a driver's preferred driving sensations and emotions. Xavier, a Renault Global Control Chassis expert and musician, explains how the brand’s two iconic technological features have evolved with each new generation, culminating in what is become today. Climb on board and follow the 4CONTROL and MULTI-SENSE settings guide!



It is no longer ‘4CONTROL’ or ‘MULTI-SENSE’, but rather ‘4CONTROL Advanced’ and ‘MULTI-SENSE Advanced’! With their latest generation featured for the first time on the All-new Renault Austral, these two iconic pieces of Renault technology have been optimized and enhanced for more precise settings. The aim being for drivers to have greater control over what they feel and sense when behind the wheel. Leading the charge is Xavier – engineer, music aficionado, and fan of Star Wars – who tapped into his professional experience and passions as he worked on the new system 4CONTROL Advanced and MULTI-SENSE Advanced so everyone can easily choose the perfect settings for them, at the touch of a fingertip.



I’m a musician, I’m a drummer, my mindset has always been to work on how technology works and feels.

Global Control Chassis Expert

4CONTROL tech, around since 2008

But let’s first take a little step back in time. Autumn, 2007. Renault unveiled the 4WD Active Drive chassis, which it then premièred on the Laguna GT a few months later in 2008, changing its name to 4CONTROL. The grand idea? Four-wheel-drive to give the car greater safety, agility and the same dynamics as a sport scar. To be precise, with the rear wheels able to turn up to 3.5° in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speed, the 4CONTROL gives the Laguna GT the manoeuvrability of a city car. Thanks to the maximum turn of 1.9° in the same direction as the front wheels, it also handles exceptionally well at high speeds. In fact, it performs better than a Porsche Boxster in famous evasive manoeuvre test, also known as the ‘moose test’.

But even that is not good enough for Xavier – already an engineer at the time – who wants to improve how the 4CONTROL system feels, for it to procure more emotions when driving. And so, in 2015, the 2nd generation 4CONTROL that was featured on the Espace, Talisman, and Megane GT, was coupled with another Renault innovation: MULTI-SENSE.


MULTI-SENSE: Renault exploring emotions

MULTI-SENSE technology enhances the sensations and emotions that drivers experience while driving. The car’s handling and on-board mood are changed according to three main modes: Sport, Eco, and Neutral.

In terms of handling, MULTI-SENSE alters the power steering, dynamic driving control, and the responsiveness of both the engine and gearbox. For example, in Sport mode, the steering is stiffer, while the engine and transmission respond faster to driver input.


In terms of the on-board ambience, MULTI-SENSE changes the colours and lighting inside the passenger compartment and, depending on the vehicle, can even change the sound made by the engine.

By combining the emotions of MULTI-SENSE with the driving sensations of 4CONTROL, Xavier has enhanced the overall effect of both technologies. Yet he still felt that he had to find ways to take it even further. “We realized that people want even more customisation,” he says.


New settings for 4CONTROL and MULTI-SENSE

So, is it even possible to extend beyond the three modes and to the point where customization is so in depth that everyone at all times can get the driving experience they are looking for? Xavier found inspiration in his passion as a musician. To be more precise, in the way the volume knob on a stereo amp can be turned to choose exactly the right level of decibels. But how does that level of precision translate through to the experience of sitting behind the wheel? Xavier found the answer he was looking for in a galaxy far, far away…

“I was there in my kitchen, and I had an idea thinking about Star Wars. When entering light speed, a slider is used to get the ship to progressively accelerate up to light speed. “

Xavier’s journey into music and deep space brought about the combination of 4CONTROL Advanced and MULTI-SENSE Advanced now featured on the All-new Renault Austral, which gives drivers an ultra-precise and more personalized driving experience than ever before.


How do you set 4CONTROL and MULTI-SENSE ?

By using the MULTI-SENSE button mounted on the steering wheel, the driver can choose between the OpenR Link system's three main driving modes: Sport, Eco, and Neutral. Each mode features default settings optimized by Renault engineers for heightened sensations. This is all the same as what the previous generation already had.


But this is where the combined power of the Advanced systems is fully realised. Drivers can choose to increase or decrease the intensity of sensations that come with the base settings and adjust the car’s handling in real time by simply using the brand-new 1-13 slider located on the OpenR touch screen. It is just like adjusting the volume, bass, and treble on an amplifier!


Changes to the steering range, which defines the level of manoeuvrability and agility of Nouvel Austral, are displayed in real time in conjunction with adjustments made to the intensity level. The rear wheels have also been enhanced to get the most out of the new range of settings and are now handle low-speed turns of up to 5° with 4CONTROL Advanced. The extra 1.5° compared to previous generations means the turning circle has been reduced to just 10.1 metres. No other SUV in the Austral segment has never been so dynamic at high speeds and so easy to handle at low speeds.


4CONTROL and MULTI-SENSE: Renault's winning combo

This was made possible thanks to two mechanical innovations that Renault developed and made in-house.

The brand-new multi-link rear axle of the CMF-C/D platform makes it possible to control the car’s wheel travel and alignment. It keeps the axle perfectly under control when coupled with the second mechanical innovation: a new dual-output actuator that replaces the tie rods once used on the Laguna GT or the Talisman.


The combination of 4CONTROL Advanced and MULTI-SENSE Advanced on the All-new Austral creates a unique driving experience, in order to enhance the drivers’ on-board pleasure while giving them everything they desire in terms of customisation.