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Contributions of the Group and its entities to sustainable development

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Sustainable development is at the heart of Renault Group's strategy and its new organisation, launched in 2023. The five entities of the new organisation, each within their own sphere of activity, contribute to the Group's sustainable development objectives.


  • Renault Group’s core business is deploying its decarbonisation strategy, in particular by developing efficient ICE and hybrid engines through its Horse subsidiary.
  • Ampere is an essential lever for decarbonisation, offering a fair transition to all-electricity with the help of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Alpine is planning a new electric range to combine sportiness with a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  
  • Mobilize, with its solutions for shared electric mobility and battery-based services, is creating environmental and social value.
  • Finally, The Future Is NEUTRAL aims to preserve resources by creating recycling closed loops - from car to car - and also battery recycling.

Renault Group & Horse 01

  • Accessible mobility
  • Up to 70% reduction in CO2 emissions per vehicle in 2030

Thermal and hybrid vehicles will probably still account for up to 50% of global passenger car sales by 2040. Developing efficient, low-emission technologies in this field is essential. Renault Group is committed to developing its core business with this in mind and is drawing on the expertise of its Horse subsidiary to develop a new range of internal combustion and hybrid powertrains for Renault and Dacia vehicles. In partnership with carmaker Geely, it is creating a global supplier of low-emission combustion and hybrid powertrains.


Renault Group and Geely sign joint venture agreement to create powertrain leader. 

The two partners will have equal ownership of the new joint venture, which aims to become the leader in next-generation thermal and hybrid low-emission powertrains.

The new company will comprise 17 plants and 5 R&D centres on 3 continents with 19,000 employees, and will produce up to five million transmissions and engines a year.  

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Ampere 02

  • 100% EV range
  • Carbon-neutral production by 2025
  • Local value chain
  • Upskilling, training

A major contributor to the Group's decarbonisation objectives, Ampere will develop, manufacture and market a range of 100% electric passenger cars under the Renault brand. Six electric vehicles manufactured in France will be launched by 2030. Ampere also aims to achieve carbon neutrality in its manufacturing from 2025.  

With the aim of creating a European value chain for electric vehicles, Ampere will work with the most relevant players to gain access to know-how, ensure sustainable supply and gain greater clarity and control over costs and performance. From 10% coverage of the electric vehicle value chain in 2020, Ampere will cover more than 30% at its launch and will reach 80% by 2030. 

A fully-fledged car manufacturer, Ampere will have around 10,000 employees. Thanks to Reknow University's training programmes, Ampere is also helping to develop and improve its employees' skills in the professions of tomorrow. 

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Ampere: a new team for a new deal

Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group, is leading the new management team at Ampere, with the ambition of becoming the European leader in electric vehicles in terms of competitiveness and technology. Ampere is targeting a 40% cost reduction per car for the next generation of vehicles by 2027 and beyond.

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Alpine 03

  • 100% EV range by 2026
  • Carbon-neutral production by 2030
alpine alpine

Alpine is developing a brand new range that will support its growth and international ambitions and will be fully electric from 2026. A fully-fledged, asset-light, technology-focused manufacturer with a team of 2,000 people, 50% of whom are engineers, Alpine gains access to Ampere's electrical and software technology assets within the Renault Group. Alpine aims to achieve manufacturing neutrality by 2030.

In 2022, Alpine launched the Rac(h)er programme to actively promote inclusion and diversity at all levels of the company, including Formula 1. This commitment is reflected in the fact that the Alpine Management Committee has already achieved gender parity. This programme is designed to reinforce equal opportunities through meritocracy, regardless of gender and in all areas of the automotive industry. 

Mobilize 04

  • 100% EV range
  • Renewable energy
  • Battery reuse

Mobilize combines financial, mobility, energy and data services. Aimed at private individuals and fleets, its offering is designed in a "Vehicle as a service" spirit, where users only pay for what they use, based on time or mileage.

The offering is based on three 100% electric vehicles, all of which have been custom-designed with service and user experience at the heart of their concept:  

  • Mobilize Duo: a shared mobility solution tailored to the needs of cities and operators  
  • Mobilize Bento: a solution for delivering or transporting bulky goods  
  • Mobilize Hippo: a light, modular utility vehicle designed to meet the challenges of last-mile delivery in urban and suburban areas and in Low Emission Mobility Zones (ZFE-m). 

Mobilize supports an electric ecosystem by offering a complete recharging package with the Mobilize Powerbox®, a connected recharging station, and the Mobilize Charge Pass application, which gives access to a network of more than 260,000 charging points across 25 European countries. 

In conjunction with the Refactory in Flins, Mobilize will be able to give a second life to batteries no longer used in cars. 

The Future Is NEUTRAL 05

  • Closed-loops recycling for parts and materials
  • Battery recycling
  • Active across the entire automotive circular economy value chain
the future is neutral the future is neutral

Created in November 2022, The Future Is NEUTRAL aims at becoming the European leader in closed-loop automotive circular economy on an industrial scale. The entity is serving Renault Group and the entire industry.

The Future Is NEUTRAL collects and recovers materials from automotive recycling to help the entire automotive industry move towards resource neutrality. Through its operating subsidiaries and partners, the company offers closed-loop recycling solutions and is involved at every stage in the life of a vehicle: supply of parts and raw materials, production, use and end of life. Its activities cover battery repair, the collection and re-use of parts, materials recycling and the treatment of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).

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