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For a shared ethics

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Within Renault Group, Ethics and Compliance are deployed at all levels.
Renault Group acts as a responsible company and promotes non-discrimination, equity, diversity, diversity of backgrounds and profiles, assistance for people with disabilities, dialogue, quality of life at work.

More ethical, fairer, more human, we will be individually and collectively stronger

The alignment of our Purpose, our ethics and our strategy strongly contribute to the sustainability of the group. We see in the respect and promotion of ethics and compliance an essential lever of performance and a source of attractiveness.
An ethical charter to protect and unite

A code of Ethics to guide us

The Renault Group Code of Ethics reaffirms our collective commitment to promoting values based on trust and respect between employees, customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders.

It calls us to integrity and vigilance whatever our role and responsibilities and describes the principles that help distinguish what is acceptable from what is not. It helps to ask us about the attitude to adopt in the delicate situations that we are sometimes confronted with and encourages us to report behavior or requests that do not respect it. It helps us to make the right decision in all circumstances.

It is a reference that applies to each and every one of us, managers, employees, apprentices, temporary workers, of the Renault Group and its subsidiaries worldwide. All those who work directly or indirectly with Renault Group can consult it, refer to it and be inspired by it.

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To go a step further

An Anti-corruption code of conduct to help us fight against corruption and influence peddling

The Anti-corruption code of conduct commits Renault Group to an active and proactive policy of preventing and combating corruption and influence peddling.

It materializes the group’s commitments in the fight against corruption and contributes to the dissemination of its ethical culture with topics related to the company’s activity and the recommendations of the French Anti-corruption Agency.

It illustrates what corruption is, its challenges, its forms and its risks and presents examples of situations in which it can arise and the most common warning signs.

The Anti-corruption code of conduct applies to all persons bound by an employment contract to the Renault Group, regardless of their hierarchical level, their geographical location or their reporting entity.

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code de conduite anticorruption renaultgroup

Professional ethics codes

The “dedicated codes of ethics” set out the rules of good conduct to be applied within the functions for which a reinforced ethical requirements is required. They are dedicated to the stock market, global security, IT, purchasing, audit, trade, customs and interest representation.

Sustainable purchasing

As a key player in the global automotive sector, Renault Group works with thousands of companies. Our suppliers are in fact essential partners and contributors to our sustainable procurement policy.

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A whistleblowing system at your service

Renault Group has a whistleblowing system. It is based in particular on the collection of reports via a confidential online platform, secure and accessible 24/7

Through this platform, employees, temporary workers, apprentices, former employees, candidates for recruitment, shareholders, partners, holders of voting rights at the General Meeting, members of the administrative, management or supervisory bodies, co-contractors of Renault Group and their subcontractors, acting without direct financial compensation and in good faith, may report a threat or harm to the general interest, a violation or attempt to conceal a violation of the law and the ethical rules of the company of which they have been witnesses or victims.

Training and awareness raising

Ethical and anti-fraud awareness-raising training courses are offered in all countries where Groupe Renault operates.

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