Renault Group


"Caring company": our transformation is inclusive
Renault Group is rethinking its organization to better adapt to each of its employees, to ensure that their well-being at work continues to improve, and to accompany the transformation of professions within the automotive industry.

Stand up for employability

Within the group…

The group is launching a university dedicated to the acquisition of new skills in electrification, data analysis and cybersecurity, and the recycling of vehicles and their batteries: ReKnow University. Initially dedicated to the Group's employees, ReKnow University has already prepared more than 2,600 employees for the jobs of the future by 2021. By 2025, more than 12,000 employees will be trained in new skills related to electric, connected and autonomous vehicles and associated technologies.

…and beyond

We see employability as something beyond the group’s boundaries. The company’s foundations, both in France and internationally, will provide support for initiatives that foster inclusion through employment. Our 2025 ambition is to have given support to 20,000 people, be they young and in school, or long-term unemployed adults.

Gender balance

We are committed to promoting women to key positions within the group and in governance bodies. Our 2030 target is to have 30% of women in the top 4,000 and 11,000 positions, as well as its governance bodies.
We will uphold our position as industry leader in terms of reducing the gender pay gap, which is already close to zero at group level and will hit zero around the world by 2025.
We have the goal to count 50% women trainees and apprentices by 2025.

Promoting diversity

We are committed to equal opportunities, offering a workplace where everyone feels included, respected and valued without discrimination.


of job seekers say they refuse training or employment because they lack transport.


"Caremakers": inclusive mobility solutions to facilitate access to employment in France. We wish to promote mobility throughout all regions. Mobility can be a source of inequality and is sometimes a necessary hurdle to overcome in getting, keeping, or training for a job.
Renault Group has entered a partnership with Pôle Emploi (French job-seekers agency) and a micro credit agency to provide unemployed people – who are unable to contract a bank loan – with a leased vehicle. In 2021, 509 vehicles were ordered and financed through this programme in France. The Group plans to increase the number of beneficiaries of this initiative tenfold by 2025 by mobilising its sales network in France and other countries.

CAREMAKERS Invest, endowed by Renault with a capital of 5 million euros, is at the service of social entrepreneurship

CAREMAKERS Invest invests in companies (associations, cooperatives, etc.) that develop mobility solutions to combat exclusion and promote employment for people in difficulty. The aim is to support social innovation projects. It is supervised by governance bodies made up of managers representing the various Renault Group business lines, an employee representative and independent experts specialising in social entrepreneurship and venture capital. As part of employee savings in France, Renault Group offers a company mutual fund (FCPE) called "Renault Caremakers Solid'Air" for employees wishing to invest their savings in social, inclusive and solidarity-based projects.

A solidarity-based financial investment is a matter of trust in the economic and social potential of a project and in the men and women behind it. We are very attached to the commitment of the project leaders, the quality of the teams and the rigour of the management.