Renault Group

Córdoba Plant

Located in Córdoba (Argentina) since 1955, the argentinian Renault Group factory produces vehicles mainly for the South American market. Since its inauguration, the site has produced more than 30 different models, many of which have become icons of the Argentine automotive industry.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1955

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: Renault SAS (France) 96,33%, Renault industrial and commercial development - R.D.I.C. (France) 3,67%

  • ACTIVITY: Bodywork-assembly

  • WORKFORCE: 2,036 employees on December 31, 2022

  • AREA: 200 ha, o/w 43 ha of covered buildings

  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001 version 2015, ISO 14001 version 2004


Main products

  • Kangoo (Dokker), Sandero 2, Logan 2, Alaskan, Nissan Frontier/Navara
Production 2022:
  • Logan 2: 6,951 units
  • Sandero 2: 16 180 units
  • Kangoo (Dokker): 21 369 units
  • Alaskan: 3,862 units
  • Nissan Navara/Frontier: 19 531 units


THE CÓRDOBA PLANT IS CERTIFIED ISO 14001. The Córdoba plant's environmental policy is in line with the Renault Group's environmental policy which aims to combine the economic performance, the social progress and the environmental preservation to a strategy of profitable growth.

Environmental policy (In local language only)


The Córdoba plant is committed to satisfying our customers by offering products and services in line with their expectations in a context where technological and regulatory requirements are increasingly demanding.

Quality policy (In local language only)



The Córdoba plant continues to incorporate the latest "Industry 4.0" technologies into its production process. With more than 120 robots, automated guided vehicles, digital workstations, virtual reality trainings and 3D printers installed in the last few years, the plant is evolving constantly and is seeking to position itself at the forefront of the technology applied to the industry.

Our history
Back to the key dates
  • 1955: creation of the Córdoba plant.
  • 1959: Renault takes a stake in Kaiser Argentina, which is to manufacture Renault models in the Santa Isabel plant.
  • 1960: manufacturing of the Dauphine model begins.
  • 1963: manufacturing of the Renault 4 model begins.
  • 1967: creation of Kaiser Argentina Renault which later becomes IKA Renault. Renault takes a majority stake (70%).
  • 1969: manufacturing of the Renault 6 model begins.
  • 1970: manufacturing of the Renault 12 model begins.
  • 1975: IKA Renault becomes Renault Argentina SA.
  • 1980: manufacturing of the Renault 18 model begins.
  • 1984: manufacturing of the Renault 11 model begins.
  • 1987: manufacturing of the Renault 9 model begins.
  • 1989: manufacturing of the Renault 21 model begins.
  • 1992: Renault Argentina SA becomes the Compania Interamericana de Automobiles SA (CIADEA), 72.3%-held by Renault.
  • 1993: manufacturing of the Renault 19 model begins.
  • 1997: Renault resumes control of its operations in Argentina under its earlier company name of Renault Argentina SA. Manufacturing of Mégane begins.
  • 1999: manufacturing of Kangoo begins.
  • 2000: manufacturing of Clio II begins.
  • 2005: plant celebrates 50th anniversary. “Health and Safety Label” awarded. Launch of Clio II phase 3.
  • 2007: launch of Grand Scénic in March, Mégane CC and Logan in June.
  • 2008: manufacture of Kangoo 2 (PV and LCV) and Symbol.
  • 2010: creation of the Monflux production line. Industrial launch of Fluence.
  • 2012: manufacturing of the Clio Mío model begins.
  • 2015: announcement of the allocation to the plant of Córdoba of three pickups (Renault, Nissan and Daimler) from 2018.
  • 2016: 3 million vehicles manufactured. Launch of Sandero production.
  • 2017: the plant goes under important transformations, within the framework of the 1 ton pickup up projet.
  • 2018: launch of New Kangoo in May. Launch of Nissan Frontier in July, inaugurating a new Trim and Chassis workshop.
  • 2019 : start of production of Sandero 2 and Logan 2
  • 2020 : plant celebrates its 65° anniversary, and prepares for the launch of Renault Alaskan.

Contact us

Córdoba plant
Av. Renault 2520, Barrio Santa Isabel

+ 54 351 426 8268