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Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé

The Alpine plant in Dieppe is a site dedicated to the production of small series, sports and competition vehicles. Flexible and with little automation, the workshops at the Dieppe plant can accommodate all types of vehicles, as its history shows. The Dieppe plant is the birthplace of Alpine. The brand made a comeback with the launch of the Alpine A110 in 2017.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1969

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: S.A.S (Société par Actions Simplifiées) with capital of € 3,657,564 fully owned by Renault SAS (France)

  • ACTIVITY: Installation/assembly series vehicles, assembly and sale of competition vehicles, sale of spare parts for racing cars.

  • WORKFORCE: 362 employees at December 31, 2023

  • AREA: 9,5 ha, o/w 4,5 ha of covered buildings



Main products

Model: Alpine A110
  • Alpine A110: 4,708 units
Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé


The Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé is committed to continuously reduce the environmental footprint of its car production activities, by managing its energy consumption, managing and recovering its wastes, controlling chemical risk…

Environmental policy (French only)


Quality is at the heart of the Dieppe plant's production system. Ensuring premium quality to A110 customers is a daily concern for all the Alpine collaborators.

Quality policy (French only)


The Alpine revolution is underway

At the cutting edge of innovation and motor sport, Alpine will continue to develop its sporting image, as it has in endurance racing, with its own hypercar from 2024. In F1, Alpine is teaming up with new investors to accelerate the growth of its team with the arrival in the capital of Alpine Racing Ltd (United Kingdom) of : Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners and Maximum Effort Investments.

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Our history
Back to the key dates
  • 1955: Creation of the Limited Liability Company (SARL) Alpine.
  • 1966: Renault Alpine becomes a Limited Company (SA) and affiliates with Renault. 
  • 1969: Creation of the Alpine plant to follow the success of the first generation Alpine A110, with the popular nickname "Berlinette" (1965-1977)
  • 1971: Launch of the Alpine A310 (1971-1984)
  • 1973: Subsidization to the Groupe Renault. Name: Société des Automobiles Alpine Renault
  • 1976: Production start of the Renault 5 Alpine (1975-1984)
  • 1995: presentation of the Spider at the Geneva Motor Show.
  • 1996: Launch of Mégane Coupé Cabriolet (1996-2003); Creation of the "Renault Sport Technologies" Business Unit.
  • 2000: Launch of Clio II Renault Sport (2000-2005)
  • 2002: Launch of the Clio V6 (2002-2005)
  • 2003: Launch of Mégane R.S. (2003-2008)
  • 2006: Launch of Clio III R.S. (2006-2012)
  • 2007: Mégane F1 Team R26 voted sporting car of the year.
  • 2009: The Dieppe plant transforms LPG from Clio produced in Flins (2009-2012)
  • 2012: Presentation of the Renault Alpine A110-50 concept car at the Monaco Grand Prix in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Berlinette. Announcement by Renault of the return of the production of an Alpine for the year 2016.
  • 2013: Start-up of production of Clio IV R.S. (2013-2018)
  • 2015: Production launch in June of the Bolloré Bluecar (electric vehicle) in a separate workshop (2015-2016).
  • 2017: The plant is preparing the industrial launch of New Alpine A110.
  • 2018: production of the 1000th Alpine A110 after 6 months' production.
  • 2019: Production of the 7176th Alpine A110, therefore reaching the number of models of its illustrious elder Alpine A110 "Berlinette".
  • 2020: Launch of the limited series A110 Color Edition 2020 and A110 Légende GT and the Atelier Alpine's customization program. Launch of the Clio Cup, Clio Rallye and Clio Rallye Cross assembled at the competition workshop.
  • 2021: Start of the A110 GT Legend limited series 2021, production of the new A110 range prototypes (new A110, A110 GT, new A110 S), production of the very first A110 models for the Gendarmerie
  • 2022: Alpine announces production of its new 100% electric GT crossover at Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé

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