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Douai Plant

The Douai plant (North of France) manufactures the Renault Espace, Talisman, Scénic of the Renault brand. In 50 years of history, more than 10 millions of vehicles have left the site's chains. 2018 will mark a turning point in its history with the announcement of the assignment of the new "CMF-EV" modular platform dedicated to the production of electric vehicles. Indeed, Renault has chosen Douai to manufacture its new electric sedan, the All-new Megane E-Tech electric, which will be continuing the history of Megane, the flagship model of the range for 25 years now and engraves it in modern times.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1970

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: “S.N.C”  Renault ElectriCity with capital of €3,377,339

  • ACTIVITY: Bodywork-assembly

  • WORKFORCE: 2 305 on December 31, 2021

  • AREA: 118 ha, o/w 32 ha of covered buildings

  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, EAQF (supplier quality)


Main products

Scénic 4, Scénic 4 Long, Talisman, Talisman Estate, Espace 5, E-Megane

  • Scénic IV: 15,765 units
  • Nouvel Espace: 2,190 units
  • Talisman: 5,250 units
  • The All-new Megane E-Tech electric: 609 units


Dedicated to the manufacturing of the future electric vehicles of the brand with the diamond-shaped logo, the plant is fully in line with the development of sustainable mobility for all. Through the implementation of its environmental policy, the plant has also contributed, daily, to the reduction of its carbon footprint and the health impacts of its activities.

Environmental policy (French only)


The quality promised to our customers is a priority and a requirement of all instant that mobilizes all of our employees, at every step of the manufacturing process. The factory's first commitment is to satisfy 100% of our customers by delivering compliant and reliable vehicles on time.

Quality policy (French only)

qualité douai


Today, Douai is writing a new chapter in its history with the electric. Several million euros were invested to transform the plant in order to accommodate the CMF-EV modular platform developed jointly by Renault and Nissan. After months of work, the Alliance Standard Line is now operational to accommodate the All-new Megane E-Tech electric manufacturing, the very first electric vehicle which will leave the factory's chains this year.

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When Renault’s three manufacturing plants in northern France – Douai, Maubeuge, and Ruitz – come together to create the largest and most competitive EV production facility in Europe, you get Renault ElectriCity! This is an overview of a new leading facility within the Group’s industrial ecosystem.

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Our history
Back to the key dates
  • 1970: creation of the Douai plant.
  • 1974/1984: manufacturing of the Renault 5.
  • 1976/1981: manufacturing of the Renault 14 model
  • 1980: manufacturing of the Fuego model.
  • 1981/1988: manufacturing of the Renault 9 model.
  • 1983/1988: manufacturing of the Renault 11 model.
  • 1986/1987: manufacturing of the Renault 21 model.
  • 1988/1995: manufacturing of the Renault 19 model.
  • 1993: the Renault plant of Douai becomes the Georges-Besse plant.
  • 1995/2001: manufacturing of Mégane.
  • 1996/2002: manufacturing of Scénic.
  • 1997: The Georges-Besse plant becomes a SNC (general partnership).
  • 1999: plant certified ISO 14001.
  • 2003/ 2009: manufacturing of Scénic II and Mégane II coupé cabriolet.
  • 2004: manufacturing of Grand Scénic begins. Yearly record: 469,510 vehicles manufactured.
  • 2009/2016: production of Scénic III and Grand Scénic III.
  • 2010/2015: production of Mégane III Coupé-Cabriolet.
  • 2015/2016: launch of Espace V, Talisman, Talisman Estate, Scénic and Grand Scénic IV.
  • 2017: 10 millions vehicles produced.
  • 2018: announcement of the 2021 launch of the electric platform.
  • 2019 : The plant opens to "site of excellence" know-how tourism.
  • 2020: Transformation of the plant to accommodate the CMF-EV modular platform dedicated to the electric.
  • 2021: The Douai plant is integrating the North Pole of Excellence for electric vehicles.
  • 2022: The Renault ElectriCity legal entity to which the Douai plant belongs is officially operational as of 01 January 2022.

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