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Le Mans Plant

usine le mans
Opened in 1920, the ACI Renault Le Mans site in north-west France is the Renault group's oldest site. Renault Le Mans build car-to-ground connecting components for the Renault Group and for the Alliance.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1920

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: S.N.C (a form of partnership) with capital of €15,244,900 fully owned by Renault SAS (France)

  • ACTIVITY: Powertrains, foundry

  • WORKFORCE: 1,773 at December 31, 2020

  • AREA: 69 ha, o/w 28 ha of covered buildings

  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, labels SMR and RHP


Main products


  • Chassis: front and rear axles
  • Components: cradles, arms
  • Casting parts
  • Rear suspensions: 257,255 units
  • Front suspensions: 617,888 units
  • Foundry: 68,863 tons


Within the various departments and services, a network of pilots and environmental relays is present and ensures that procedures are followed, wastes are sorted, and precautions regarding the use and storage of chemicals are taken.

Environmental policy (French only)


All of our quality procedures enable us to meet the increasing standards of our customers. Since 2015, Renault Le Mans has been implementing the Alliance Production Way (APW), a production system common to Renault and Nissan, to all the stages of the manufacturing process. With the APW, the employees of Renault Le Mans produce each day, parts and components at the highest level of quality to meet the needs of the site's customers.

Quality policy (French only)


In 2020, the Renault Le Mans plant celebrated its 100th anniversary. For the event, the plant celebrated the men and women who have contributed and continue to contribute to the history and performance of the site.

Our history
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  • 1920: creation of the Le Mans plant.
  • 1993: creation of the Le Mans Foundry (FLM).
  • 1997: Le Mans plant becomes a general partnership subsidiary of ACI and takes the name of Renault Le Mans.
  • 1998: “Drive line joint” partnership agreement with Japan’s NTN.
  • 1999: creation of two general partnerships (SNC): Société Nouvelle de Transmission (80% Renault, 20% NTN) ; Auto Chassis International, grouping together under the same authority all the engineering, manufacturing and marketing resources relating to chassis parts produced for Renault and other carmakers.
  • 2000: tractor business placed under the responsibility of Renault Agriculture, with the creation of a Renault Agriculture unit at Le Mans.
  • 2004: founding of the Chassis Manufacturing department, to oversee production at all the “chassis” sites.
  • 2006: reintegration into Renault's operational departments.
  • 2008-2009: new molding site in the foundry.
  • 2013: start-up of production of the fixed traverse section (a new part) for the CMF1 platform.
  • 2015: over €10 millions invested in modernising the machine-tooling lines.
  • 2016: production of the 50 millionth rotor at the Foundry.
  • 2017: New Nissan Micra chassis production start-up.
  • 2019: finalisation of the machining obsolescence processing plan to guarantee the machining of 10M cast parts. 
  • 2019: 1st rear cradle for the Captur hybrid PHEV; installation of new ASL (Alliance Standardised Lines) machining lines
  • 2020: 100th anniversary of the Renault Le Mans plant

Contact us

ACI Renault Le Mans
15, avenue Pierre Piffault
72086 Le Mans

+ 33 (0)1 76 86 43 43