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Oran Plant (Renault Algeria Production)

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The Renault Algérie Production plant is a robust cooperative initiative between Renault and Algeria that gives birth to an automotive industry in Algeria, the second-largest automotive market on the African continent. With a production capacity of 25,000 vehicles per year, which can be extended to 75,000 vehicles per year, the plant in Oran produces the Renault Symbol, Sandero and Clio 4.
  • FOUNDED IN: 2014

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: A partnership between Renault (49%), the SNVI (Société nationale des véhicules industriels, 34 %) and the FNI (Fonds national d’investissement, 17 %).

  • WORKFORCE (PRODUCTION AND OFFICE STAFF): 485 at December 31, 2020

  • AREA: 150 ha



Main products

Symbol 2, Sandero 2, Clio 4


  • Logan/Symbol 2: 173 units
  • Sandero 2: 354 units
  • Clio 4: 227 units


In line with the Renault Group's environmental objectives, the Renault Algeria Production plant is committed to preventing and permanently reducing its ecological footprint and the health impacts of its activities.


Our Quality Policy is in line with the Renault Group's Quality Policy. We are committed to implementing it and strictly applying its principles to guarantee the level of Quality expected by our customers.

Quality policy (In french version only)



After more than a year of shutdown, the plant restarted its activity at the beginning of May.

Our history
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  • 2013 : creation of the "Renault Algérie Production" company on 31 January and start of building work on the site at Oued Tlelat (near Oran) in September.
  • 2014 : plant inaugurated on 10 November and production of the Symbol begins.
  • 2015 : first open-door days at the plant and a second shift starts.
  • 2016 : production of the Sandero Stepway begins and a third shift starts.
  • 2017 : subcontracting agreement signed with over 200 local and international suppliers; 100,000th vehicle produced.
  • 2018 : launch of the production of Clio 4
  • 2020 : Plant shutdown pending new specifications for the automotive industry in Algeria.

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Zone Industrielle de Oued Tlelat,
BP151, 31140
Oran Algérie