usine de Ruitz

Société de Transmission Automatique (STA) is the only Alliance manufacturer of automatic gearboxes located in Europe. Founded in 1970, STA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renault. It produces the multimode gearbox that will be fitted to the E-TECH versions of the Clio, Captur and Mégane hybrids.


  • FOUNDED IN: 1970
  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: S.A (public limited company) 100% owned by Renault
  • ACTIVITY: Powertrains
  • WORKFORCE: 472 employees at December 31, 2019
  • AREA: 49 ha, o/w 10 ha of built-up area
  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RMS and HPR labels.
  • ADDRESS: STA Ruitz, Zone Industrielle de Ruitz, secteur le Moulin, Route d'Houchin, 62620 Ruitz, France
  • TELEPHONE: + 33 1 76 89 46 00


    • Renault automatic gearboxes
    • Parts kits for PSA automatic gearbox
    • Satellites
    • Automatic gearboxes Renault: 63 836 units


    • 1970: creation of the Ruitz plant.
    • 1971: manufacturing of the first 3-speed automatic gearbox for the Renault 16 model begins.
    • 1975-1982: successive start-ups of the 3-speed automatic gearboxes for the Renault 30, the Renault 25 and the Renault 19 models.
    • 1988: manufacturing of a new family of 4-speed automatic gearboxes begins, in partnership with Volkswagen. 
    • 1997: manufacturing of a new family of 4-speed automatic gearboxes begins, in partnership with Peugeot (DP0 type, 210 Nm).
    • 2000: manufacturing of the gear production for the new Renault 2.2 l. dCi diesel engine begins.
    • 2002: planet gear manufacture for Renault manual gearboxes.
    • 2003: start of deliveries of the Proactive gearbox to Nissan Mexico.
    • 2007: delivery of first DP0 gearboxes for Chinese manufacturer Chery.
    • 2009: delivery of the 1st boxes DP2.
    • 2010: manufacturing of the millionth DP (automatic gearbox).
    • 2012: production of te first parts for the DP8 automatic gearbox.
    • 2013: change to shareholdings: Renault buys the 20% held previously by PSA and STA becomes a 100% subsidiary.
    • 2014: "Cooperative robot" equipped with a clamp installed (a first for Renault). 
    • 2015: service agreement signed with Jatco for Nissan CVT (continuously variable transmission) units.
    • 2016: Open Days to celebrate the plant's 45th anniversary.
    • 2017: as a part of the Alliance synergies, signature of a new agreement with Jatco for a gearbox analysis service.
    • 2018: In March, inauguration of new installations (a Mechanical Prototype Realisation Centre and endurance test benches).
    • 2020: start of the DB35 E-TECH gearbox used on Renault hybrid vehicles (Clio, Captur, Mégane Estate).