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Sandouville Plant


The bodywork-assembly factory of Sandouville (Upper Normandie, France) produces since 1964 and for 50 years most of the Renault's high-end vehicles. Now specialized in the manufacture of light utility vehicles, the factory produced nearly 800,000 Trafic, in all its different versions, from the cabin floor to Trafic SpaceClass. It's the first factory of the Group to manufacture for the 3 brands of the Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Alliance.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1964

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP:  S.N.C, Société en Nom Collectif (general partnership) with capital of €14, 962,871

  • ACTIVITYBodywork-assembly

  • WORKFORCE: 1,612 at December 31, 2022

  • AREA: 152 ha, o/w 60 ha of covered buildings

  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 14001, ISO 9001 version 2000


Main products

Models: Trafic 3, Primastar (Nissan), Trafic Red Edition (Renault Trucks)

  • Trafic 3: 88,850 units
  • Nissan Primaster: 9,531 units
  • Mitsubishi Express: 1,159 units
  • Others: 1,327 units
environnement sandouville


Certified ISO 14001 since 1998, the Sandouville factory leads a voluntary environmental strategy. Our main actions focus on reducing CO2 emissions by favoring green transportations and working on the preservation of natural resources by recycling water, recovering energy and managing waste.

Environmental policy (French only)


Certified ISO 9001 since 1996, the Sandouville factory implements a culture of excellence. The teams are cooperating together for the long-lasting satisfaction of our customers.

Quality policy (French only)

qualite sandouville


All-New Renault Trafic Spacenomad: your place in the sun

The result, All-new Renault Trafic SpaceNomad, is even better equipped and made to measure for customers who are yearning more than ever for freedom and feel the urge to get away from it all. And it comes with a feature for extra autonomy: a solar panel on the pop top.

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Trafic SpaceNomad
Our history
Back to the key dates
  • 1964: creation of the Sandouville plant.
  • 1965: manufacturing of the Renault 16 model begins.
  • 1970: manufacturing of the Renault 12 model begins ; inauguration of the press workshop.
  • 1972: manufacturing of the Renault 15 and Renault 17 models begins.
  • 1975: manufacturing of the Renault 30 model begins.
  • 1976: manufacturing of the Renault 20 model begins.
  • 1978: manufacturing of the Renault 18 model begins.
  • 1984: manufacturing of the Renault 25 model begins.
  • 1986: manufacturing of the Renault 21 model begins.
  • 1992: manufacturing of Safrane begins.
  • 1994: manufacturing of Laguna begins.
  • 1995: manufacturing of Laguna Nevada begins.
  • 2000: manufacturing of Laguna II begins.
  • 2001: manufacturing of Vel Satis begins.
  • 2002: manufacturing of Espace IV begins.
  • 2007: launch of the Laguna III Sedan & Estate production.
  • 2008: commercial vehicles project announced.
  • 2009: Vel Satis production ceased.
  • 2010-2012: the plant carried out work costing €230 million with a view to manufacturing New Trafic.
  • 2012: solar panels fitted to the new vehicle fleet.
  • 2014: inauguration of the assembly line and launch ot the New Trafic; celebration of the plant's 50th anniversary.
  • 2015: announcement of partnerships with GM and Fiat.
  • 2016: production rate increase. Partnership with Nissan announced.
  • 2017: year production record: 135 370 vehicles, launch of the Trafic SpaceClass.
  • 2018: 400,000th Trafic produced, handed over to the customer in the plant.
  • 2019: 55 years of the plant and production of the 500,000th Traffic handed over to a young artisan from the Le Havre region
  • 2020: 1st site to produce a vehicle for the 3 Alliance brands Renault - Nissan - Mistubishi
    End 2020: launch of Traffic Phase 2
  • 2021: the plant produces the New Renault Trafic in its Combi versions, for collective transportation, and the SpaceClass, for VIP customers' transportation, have been marketed.

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ZI Portuaire du Havre,
BP 134, Le Havre cedex,

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