Renault Group

Our Purpose

« Our spirit of innovation takes mobility further to bring people closer. »

Our Purpose is the bedrock on which everything lies:
our values, our strategic plan, and the course we have chosen
in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

A company’s Purpose is both its roots and its North Star. The roots are what give a company depth and stability, and the North Star is the ‘desirable future’ towards which all energy is turned.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Our spirit
takes mobility further to bring people closer

We are caring, believing in
responsible progress
that respects everyone.

Since 1898, our history has been written by passionate people who create innovative products in tune with popular culture and made to accompany life.

We do this because mobility is a source of fulfilment and a freedom.

We believe that this freedom goes hand in hand with preserving the planet and living better together.

That’s why we challenge ourselves to limit our impact on the climate and on resources, and to make mobility more inclusive and safer for everyone.

We are daring, embracing the future with optimism.

We are a place where people can be themselves, playing their part in a shared adventure. We are proud of our diversity, our French roots, and of our international presence which makes us open to the world.

We are strengthened by the Alliance and by the constructive relationships we forge with our partners. From our very beginning, our spirit of innovation has taken us further, creating value, anticipating mobility needs and bringing people closer.

How our purpose is expressed in the daily life of our employees

CSR: three pillars that illustrate our Purpose

It is our foundation: all our major strategic, economic, environmental, and societal orientations are based on our Purpose.

It is based on three pillars: carbon neutrality, safety, and inclusion.

Carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality

“Green as a business": moving towards carbon neutrality, sustainable supply chains, a robust model based on the circular economy.



“Caring cars“: putting safety first on the roads and in our workplaces.



“Giving chances“: commit to employability and gender balance within the Group, and – beyond our walls – show solidarity through job-seeker support and inclusive mobility.